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Inside Biography

He has been in the spotlight due to several reasons. He is a cla s sy man and a pure gentleman. He is very humble and always answers with a smile in interviews. He is definitely rich and very famous. He is none other than the very handsome Mauricio Umansky. Umansky is a very successful real estate agent and he has made a real goodwill for himself and for his business. He has been very successful in his business and this has given him his dream life. He has also been in the spotlight because of his spouse. He is the husband of American actress, socialite, and TV personality Kyle Richards. Kyle was the 5th contestant fired, finishing in 12th place and raising $25,000 for her charity. This has taken her fame to new heights and he must be very thankful to his wife for making him famous in the process.

Early Life And Education Of Mauricio Umansky 

He was born in Mexico and his nationality is obviously Mexican. He was born in the year 1976 and this makes his age 39 at this time. At this age, he has already achieved his dreams but he is not settling yet and is still working hard and striving for more.

He is a well-educated man and he has really done great work as a real estate agent. His wife appears in a very popular show called Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and her fame is huge. People wanted to know more about his wife and as a result, people wanted to know more about him as well.

Mauricio Umansky's Career

More on him and his career as a real estate agent are not available currently. He might just grab some offers for reality TV shows in future if he gets some. As his fame is growing each and every day, reality show makers might just consider him as a safe option to increase their views and make their shows successful.  

Mauricio Umansky's Net Worth And Salary

Mauricio Umansky and his wife share the net worth of $50 million at present.  He has earned a huge amount of salary from his career whereas, his wife Kyle Richard earned $270 thousand per season during her work in The Real Housewives.

Kyle Richards has appeared in dozens of films and television shows and has released a book titled "Life Is Not a Reality Show: Keeping It Real with the Housewife Who Does It All". 

Mauricio Umansky's Personal Life

His personal life is as perfect as his career. He was dating his girlfriend Kyle Richards before the couple decided to get married and live happily as husband and wife. The couple got married in the year 1996 and till now their relationship as husband and wife is going very strong.

There are very fewer chances of a divorce to occur in their lives because their bond is very strong. He is the second husband of Kyle Richard. The couple has a total of four children; Portia Umansky, Farrah Umansky, Alexia Umansky, and Sophia Umansky.

Kyle Richards, who is of English, Irish and Welsh descent, converted to Modern Orthodox Judaism after her marriage with Umansky. She also attends events at the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles.

Richards was married Guraish Aldjufrie from Indonesia, in 1988, while she was pregnant with their daughter Farrah (born 1988). The couple separated in 1990 and divorced two years later.

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