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Matt Fallon was born in September 30, 1965 and who is now 50 years old with his age. Fallon was born in Brooklyn, New York of United States and he was a musician who was into music from 1980 till 1995. Basically, Fallon genres are hard rock and heavy mental and he is popular being as a singer and his successful working with Skid Row as well as Anthrax. He is the elder son out of the 2 children of his parents and he was shifted towards New Jersey along with his brothers in the early age of 15. His parents later on got divorce. Matt is belonging with American nationality.

Matt was highly inspired from the very early age seeing towards the band like Led Zeppelin as well as AC/DC. He used to learn the hard music and also met the local drummer Paul Monroe made him to get inspired within the music. Similarly, he also joined to the local band in the year 1987 and till the mid of 1990 he was into there. During the year 1983 he released his very first album and that was the great success towards his preliminary step within the industry encouraged him to work within there.

Matt has a low profile maintained by himself within the social networking sites. He has not made a good response towards his personal information among the people and as similar to it his bio is also lacking the information about his like and interests. Matt is found being as a married man after his long time of affair with Debra Contillo. He also mentioned her as his spouse many years before and in the year 1991 they became the parents of their daughter who is named as Brittany Rene. There is no more information explained about his married life and whether they are still together or not is also a matter of confusion now. Looking upon his bio it can be found that he has never mentioned any of the girls as his affair and he seems busier on his career. Matt is a sincere person towards his family and he is very faithful towards his mother. Matt is an animal lover and he has 2 dogs 2 cats and 3 rats in his house. Matt explains that they are his heart and they mean a lot to him. He also loves feeding them by himself in free time.

Matt is with his height 6 feet tall in his height and his weight looks around 79 kg looking towards his pictures posted. His salary on going towards his bio of career looks very amazing sum of amount for collecting the proper amount of net worth. His net worth hence, can be a s sumed to be around thousands of American dollars in the current context with high achievements. 

by Bchrome, 02 Feb, 2016

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