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Martha Helen Stewart was born in August 3, 1941. She was born on Jersey City, New Jersey of United States. She is currently 74 years old. She is one of the high ranked writer and American business women and additionally a TV personality. Due to establishment of variety of business Ventures she has gained higher range of success. Her bestselling books has highly ranked across the market and increased her value. She has also involved within the broadcasting of the e commerce.

Martha was the 2nd children of her parents out of 6. During the early phase of her life at the age of 10 she used to work as a babysitter and used to take care of the children of Mickey Mantle and Gil McDouglad. She used to organize birthday parties and other events of the Mickey Mantle’s 4 children. Her made her learn to cook properly and sew the clothes. After starting the catering business she started taking the steps upon the business along with one of her friend whom she met within the modeling days. She was later hired for the post of manager within the food store called gourmet food store.

Martha is married with Andrew Stewart. They got married in the year 1961. They gave birth to only one child name Alexis. This daughter child was born in the year 1965. They never planned for other children. Apparently, this couple got divorced in 1987 with their mutual understanding and legally got separated in the year 1990. Right after the divorce of this couple, Stewart started dating with Anthony Hopkins but they ended their relation after the few times. Later times reportedly it was also stated that Stewart dated billionaire named Charles Simonyi. He was the employee within the Microsoft. Yet, they broke up in the year 2008 of February. Stewart loves animal and loves to keep pets. She has also created a video in relation with her pet dog and dark horse. Her mother died at the age of 93 in the year 2007 of November 16. She was sad for a long time after the death of her mother. She is also renounced with the recognition in the year 2011, New Jersey Hall of Fame. Martha Zodiac Sign is Leo. She put on attractive white dress on her wedding. 

Since, Martha is a successful lady and highly achieved a high ranking upon her business and variety in personality. The salary of this diva is apparently higher in range. The net worth of this business woman in the year 2011 was around 638 million American dollar which is highly attractive and attention seeking. She states all her success is all because of her hard work, concentration, dedication and goal oriented for the proper destination. Martha is 5 feet 9 inch tall.

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