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Mariko Takahashi has made her name through playing video games and starring on various videos on Smosh, a gaming Youtube channel.

She now has her own Youtbe Channel AtomicMari. Her journey to become such a highly followed and loved online personality/gamer started when she was featured in Smosh's video 'Pokeman Theme Song'.

Early Years

Mariko Takahashi of Japanese-American descent, was born on November 2, 1984, in California, USA. She was born to the Japanese father and American mother. 

Interested in dancing from childhood, Mari grew up to be a professional ballerina


Mariko Takahashi made first appearance in the main Smosh Channel in the  video 'Pokemon Theme Song'. Her energetic personality makes her Youtbe videos very exciting.  She has over 22 million subscribers on Smosh and over 250 thousand subscribers on Atomic Mari Youtube channel which is completely only hers.

She admits to being an online personality whose career is basically playing video games online. 

Outside of Smosh activities, Mari’s main profession is a ballet dancer. Her strong ballet background helps her in many games she plays on her and Smosh channel.  

This 31 year old entertainer recently took part in the Survivor:Millennials vs.Gen X show. It is a competitive reality TV series that airs on CBS (American). The show has completed 33rd season now. Mari credited her video gaming career and dancing career for helping her get in the show. 

Personal Life

Mariko is in a relationship with her entrepreneur boyfriend Peter Kitch since  2010. He  has even made an appearance in one of her videos ‘Mari Learns to Ride a Bike’.

It looks like the sparks between them is without a doubt on to become a great flame. They are not married yet.

Apart from being in love, Mario has other interests as well. She loves to travel. And from her travel vlogs in Youtube it is known that she alaways takes her stuffed toy monkey Silvio with her. She is quite a souveiner collector as well.

In addition to travelling, Mariko also loves rock climbing.

Net Worth/Personality

Mariko Takahashi is undoubtedly an attractive personality. She is 5' 3'' and thanks to her ballerina career, Mari has a close to perfect body. 

 Her net worth is around $ 100,000 million. Her major source is her career as a Youtuber. Mariko is a Youtbe host, producer, writer and a TV personality as well.  

by Bchrome, 02 Mar, 2017

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