Manolo Gonzalez-Ripoll Vergara

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Manolo Gonzalez-Ripoll Vergara is the only child of Sofia Vergara and he is now 21 years old in age. Manolo was born in the year 1992 and being the successful son of top celebrity parents Sofia and Joe. Manolo is also working in the television industry as a TV presenter. Manolo is an American and he is white when it comes to his ethnicity. Manolo spent a wealthy life in his childhood because of his celebrity parents who gave him the best as  he wanted. His parents divorced after his birth and he was living under the supervision of mother. He still managed his time for his father as well. Manolo was a very quiet child in his early childhood and the guess was also made because of his small family without any siblings.

Manolo was a brilliant student and he was a multi-talented kid. Manolo also used to participate in various school functions and programs presenting him with various styles and that made him think about his professional career among the industry. He also planned to start his own business but looking towards his mother in high name, fame, and net worth made him give up his mentality into the entertainment industry.

Manolo bio is very limited consisting of little information about him. Manolo being just 23 is not a married man and the rumors are that he has a girlfriend. Manolo, according to his parents, is very friendly and understanding in his habit. Manolo has a low profile and there is no any information established in his bio about his dating, spouse, and affairs mostly in the popular web pages like Wikipedia and IMDb. Manolo is also helpful and he is also planning to establish his career in the field of social sector as well. However,  he has not make-up his proper mind for this. He claimed he will get married soon but by now it is too early to get married and think about it. Therefore, he is planning to prioritize his career in the very first stage. Manolo loves singing and dancing in his free time and even he has a dream to establish his own dancing school very soon in his life.

Manolo is a s sociated with an organization for women’s equality activism and providing some of the net worth of amount over there for the betterment of the organization.

Manolo height, weight and body measurement is not explicitly available in the social media still it can be a s sumed it is appropriate looking on his pictures. The current range of his salary and net worth is also not available.

Manolo has a very limited profile in the social media still he can be viewed in twitter. 

by Bchrome, 30 Mar, 2016

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