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A British news presenter Manisha Tank is currently serving on CNN international on CNN Newsroom. She currently presents the business news for CNN in Hong Kong. She was previously a Senior Broadcast Journalist for BBC’s Business Unit. She used to report daily for the morning edition of World Business Report from London Stock Exchange. Manisha has received Summerson Goodacre & Daily Telegraph west Management for Best Industry Commentator.

Early Life & Education

Manisha Tank was born on March 10, 1976, in Britain. Information on her early life is in a complete shade as she has not revealed about her parents and childhood. Also, regarding her education, it has been disclosed that Manisha was educated at a girl’s state comprehensive school in Southampton called Regents Park Community College and also went to Taunton’s college. She is a graduate of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from the University of Oxford in 1997.


Manisha started her professional journey as a business reporter from Reuters Television. She was first posted to New York in 1990 and used to report from Nasdaq and New York Stock Exchange. After a while, she returned to London and reported on the EU markets. Manisha Tank continued to present business news bulletins between London and New York. She worked for BBC Six O’Clock News’s Six Forum as a presenter from 2002-2003.

In 2004, Manisha Tank returned to New York but came back to London after a few months. She is the current host of CNN business news for CNN in Hong Kong. She is actively serving at CNN network. Besides, Manisha Tank is a committee member of Asians in Media current affairs magazine.

Net Worth

There is no information available on the salary and net worth of Manisha Tank in any of the source whatsoever. However, looking at the annual salary of a freelancer in CNN, they are paid around $40000 per year as per Following the trend, a permanent must receive more than that. Therefore, it can be concluded, the net worth of Manisha Tank is in $ million.

Personal Life

Moving on to the personal life of Manisha Tank, sources revealed that she is a married woman and the couple resides in London. The details on her marital life like when she got married, the name and profession of her husband, her children are not disclosed.

Manisha Tank is seemed to be a secretive person who does not want the media to flash out her personal life. She wishes to keep her professional life out of personal life and it is a wise choice as well for there is less chance of being pulled into rumors and controversies which she has maintained to be out of.

by Bchrome, 10 Jan, 2017

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