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Madison Oberg, who hails from Lexington, Kentucky is famously recognized as the spouse of Carson Wentz. Carson, a known football quarterback makes his mark as a key player, for the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL.

During his time at North Dakota State University, he achieved success, with five NCAA FCS championships. To learn more about Madison's upbringing, career, financial status, past relationships bliss, social media activity, and beyond explore the article below.

Oberg's Relationship Status

The beginning of Carson Wentz and Madison Oberg's relationship remains private. They connected through their mutual dedication to activism. In May 2017 when Wentz visited Port au Prince Haiti to support Mission of Hope it was revealed that Oberg was interning with the organization.

Their first public appearance, as a couple was in November 2017 when Oberg was featured on Wentz's Instagram after Thanksgiving. Wentz, who plays as quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles posted a group picture including Oberg to confirm their relationship. In December he posted a selfie after surgery with Oberg beside him highlighting her importance.

Madison Oberg with his husbandMadison Oberg with his husband
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Two days after the Eagles won Super Bowl LII the couple announced their engagement. They tied the knot on July 15 2018 at The Lake House Inn in Pennsylvania surrounded by family and friends including teammates from the Eagles.

After their wedding ceremony, Carson Wentz and Madison Oberg enjoyed a honeymoon in Greece. Their adventures were captured through Instagram posts showing dinners and ATV rides. Despite being, on vacation Wentz made sure to prioritize his workouts as he recovered from an injury.

How Were Madison's Early Years?

Madison Oberg, also known affectionately as Maddie was born on June 21 1997 in Lexington, Kentucky. She is Caucasian. Identifies, as a woman with a straight orientation.  Having American citizenship Madison has engaged in pursuits and completed a program. 

While specific details about her career and personal life are not publicly disclosed Madison is known for her connection with Carson Wentz, the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL. As an individual Madison values privacy and her dedication to education reflect an approach, to both her personal and professional life.

Madison Is The Mother Of Two Kids

The couple's journey into becoming parents began when Wentz shared the news of Oberg's pregnancy, on Thanksgiving in 2019. Their first child, Hadley Jayne was born on April 27 2020 marking a moment for Wentz as he embraced fatherhood and adjusted his priorities.

Madison Oberg with his husband and her childMadison Oberg with her husband happily announced the arrival of their daughter Hudson Rose.

In June 2021 they happily announced the arrival of their daughter Hudson Rose, who was born on November 16, 2021. Looking towards the future with excitement the couple revealed in July 2023 that another daughter would soon be welcomed into their family.

With a touch of humor and gratitude, for the support they've received the footballer looked forward to the adventures that lay ahead in their parenting journey.

Oberg's Professional Endeavours

Madison Oberg prefers to keep her job details under wraps leaving people curious, about her pursuits. While she doesn't disclose it publicly it's no secret that she has a background in admissions having previously worked at Ozark Admission in Joplin, where she managed the applications of college students.

Moreover, Madison has been involved in work through her contributions to Mission of Hope; Haiti, a charity focused on making a difference in Haiti.

Although information about her is scarce her previous positions indicate a dedication, to education and charitable causes highlighting a socially conscious background.

Celebrity Wife's Physical Attributes

Madison Oberg has a well-toned physique showcasing her dedication to bodybuilding. When she attends events, with her husband her delightful personality shines through as she effortlessly carries herself in a variety of outfits.

Madison Oberg Madison Oberg has a well-toned physique.
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At a height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters) and weighing 55 kg (121.26 lbs) Madison exudes a captivating presence. Her blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes enhance her appearance adding to her appeal.

With an oval face shape, pointed nose, and slender lips Madison's facial features enhance her beauty. Her straight sexual orientation aligns, with her persona. Furthermore, her body measurements include a 32-inch bust, 26-inch waist, and 33-inch hips underscoring her proportioned and attractive traits.

How Wealthy Is Madison Oberg?

Madison Oberg is estimated to have a worth of, around $200,000. Although the specific details of her income sources and professional activities are kept private this amount signifies a position.

Being married to NFL quarterback Carson Wentz might contribute to Madison's status throughout his career. However, the specifics of her endeavors and contributions to this wealth are not clearly stated.

Maintaining a public presence Madison values her privacy concerning personal and financial affairs. Her $200,000 net worth indicates security. Despite being, in the public eye, she chooses to keep certain aspects of her life out of the limelight.

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by Joseph, 23 Feb, 2024

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