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Lorene Scafaria was born in May 1, 1978 and this American nationality holder is an actor who is running 37 years old in his age. The birth place of Lorene is located in Holmdel Township of New Jersey and additionally besides acting she is also portrayed as a screenwriter as well as film director within Hollywood industry. She is mostly remarked with her work in Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist as well as she debuted her directing in the year 2012. Additionally Seeking a Friend for the End of the World is also the best performance of her. Lorene mother name is Gail and her father name is Joseph R. Scafaria who was emigrated from Italy situated in Gioia Tauro, Calabria. Lorene father gave her best childhood and even she explains she spent a wealthy time being as a child of her parents.

Lorene joined Lafayette College for her early time of education. Additionally she also became a part of Montclair State University but she did not continued over there for a long duration of time due to her busy schedule. Later, after the education of Lorene she moved to New York City for her career lasting. She was engaged into one of the theater program named That Guy and other Like Him where she gave her excellent presentation. She also started her writing within the very time. Her career was ever elaborated to writing where she gave her recordings to Garden party. 

Lorene personal information is not clearly reviled among the media. Though she is dictated of having an affair but the rumors of her dating has no any authentic information. Lorene bio has also clarifies she is not married and she has no spouse. But there are few rumors of her boyfriend which she is ignoring among her people. According to Lorene this time is where she needs to be more concentrated in her career rather than having an affair. Lorene was even dictated to having a boyfriend in her high school time but she was not much serious in the very time. Lorene is an open minded independent and strong lady. There is no any rumor of Lorene being a gay neither any person has doubted in her sexuality.

Lorene height is approximately around 5 feet 11 inches in tall but her weight and body measurement is not explored in the media. The present net worth and salary of Lorene is explained and explored to be around 3 million American dollars which is the latest data elaborated in the year 2016. 

Lorene is equally famous in the social networking pages. Mostly her pictures are downloaded from Google and she has high fan following in Twitter with her best Tweets. Along with this she is also active user of Instagram in these days with her attractive pictures.

by Bchrome, 24 Mar, 2016

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