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LonePanthera, Sabrina, on 26th February 1996 in London, England is a popular YouTuber known for her gaming channel 'Panthera' and 'LonePanthera Twitch' stream.

Sabrina is half Malaysian and half Moroccan by descent/ethnicity and British by nationality. 

Early Life and Education

LonePanthera ( Sabrina) grew up in England. She is known to be of Moroccan and Malaysian descent. She has a younger sister who is apparently addicted to the app musical.ly. Sabrina has made reaction videos to her sister's 'musical.ly.' uploads. 

She is a former mechanical engineering student who later switched her major to mathematics. 


LonePanthera got success and popularity by posting videos on her YouTube Channel 'Panthera' and her Twitch Channel.

She is an online gamer, content creator and a vlogger with over 200 thousand subscribers on her YouTube Channel 'Panthera'. Her MSP (movie star Planet) Trolling videos are very popular.  She also makes a lot of 'Sims' videos. 

Personal Life

Sabrina, better known as LonePanthera is a Kpop fan and 'Kabaneri of the Iron Fortes' is one of her favorite animes. 

Self-proclaimed 'Console ( PS4)' fan and a regular player, LonePanthera is quite active on her Twitch channel of the same name.  She has also admitted to being high on Twitter. 

LonePanthera's dating life isn't publicly known. Let's hope we can find out more about it as her popularity increases. 

Net Worth

It is quite hard to access how much a YouTuber exactly makes based on his/her subscribers and views. The money depends on ads and how long does a viewer stay in a video as well. However, estimation is that YouTubers usually earn half the number of their subscribers. For someone like LonePanthera with over 200,000 subscribers, it is around $80,000 to $ 100,000 monthly. The given figures is a rough estimation though. 





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