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Lolita Chakrabarti was born in 1 June 1969. Lolita is known to be an actress and a writer belonging from English nationality and white in her ethnicity. Lolita was born in Kingston upon Hull and she spent her early childhood in Birmingham of England. Lolita father was running a business and her mother was working as a gardener. Lolita was the eldest child out of the other siblings and she was mostly known as a descent lady by her parents as indicated. Lolita spent her childhood mostly in India as well as in England and used to visit her relatives most of the times.

Lolita was interested in working across the On screen activities from the very early childhood. Becoming a writer as well as producer was her dream from the early childhood and she used to make brilliant performances within the stage programs during her early school times. From the very moment her teacher suggested her to join the acting cla s ses and also motivated her to be within the acting industry. Later, she worked with producing Lesata Productions and with the collaboration among Rosa Maggiora she started working with her and made success with one of the 1st short film that came in the year 2011 named as Of Mary. From the very moment she is till today into this industry.

Lolita is not so open among the media sharing about her personal life. This might also be the reason why she has a very low profile within the social sites as well as her interests is unknown among her fans. Lolita was approached by many mans in her college days for making her as an affair but she never mentioned any of them as her official boyfriend. Later, with her love she publicly mentioned of getting married with Adrian Lester whom she got engaged after long duration of having affair and now she is satisfied to get him as her spouse. Looking the bio of Lolita she is the mother of 2 children and the name of her daughters are Lila and Jasmine. Lolita is smart enough to provide adequate time to her family as well as sharing the love and affection with her husband. She is very perfect mother and good in her cooking styles and her choices are always in the first places with the Indian dishes. Lolita also loves horse riding and spending time with her children and she has no any divorce history. 

Lolita looks very tall in her height, though her height and weight is not clearly mentioned within the popular sites like Wikipedia and IMDb. She with her low profile is not provided with the exact amount of her salary and her net worth is estimated around thousands of American dollars in the year 2015. She is a s sumed to be earning with high success in the near future.

by sanjeet, 27 Jan, 2016

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