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Lizzie Borden was an American woman who gained infamy after being tried & acquitted for the 1892 axe murders of her father & stepmother in the Fall River, Ma s sachusetts.

Early life and education

Lizzie Borden was born as Lizzie Andrew Borden on 19th July 1860 in Fall River, Ma s sachusetts United States. She belongs to white ethnicity & holds an American nationality.

Borden was born to Andrew Jackson Borden, a wealthy & successful property developer and Sarah Borden, who died after her birth. After three years of her mother’s death, her father remarried Abby Durfee Gray. They lived together with her elder sister Emma at their Bungalow in the Fall River.

Borden and her sister, Emma had an orthodox and religious upbringing and she regularly enrolled the Central Congregational Church. She taught at the Sunday school as a young woman & involved herself in church activities.

Borden graduated from the public high school in Fall River and became involved with a variety of organizations consistent with image expected of a young woman from a well-off family in a small New England city.

Personal life and Legacy

Once Borden romantically involved with actress Nance O Neil but later she denied the news. She did not share a close relationship with her step-mother & often refused to have meals with the family & suspected that her step-mom's family wanted to gain access to her father’s wealth.

Borden and her sister, Emma did not address her step-mother as ‘mother’ but rather referred to her as ‘Mrs. Borden’. She moved to a luxurious house, called ‘Maple croft’ in the elite neighborhood of the ‘Hill’ in Fall River with her sister Emma after she declared innocent by the jury.

Borden lived a luxurious life with live-in-maids, housekeepers, Coachmen & cooks to tend to her and her sister, Emma who was fiercely protective of her & together they both managed the rental properties owned by their father.

On the morning of August 4, 1892, Borden allegedly murdered her father & step-mother by repeatedly mutilating them with a hatchet at their home in the Fall River, Ma s sachusetts. She was arrested & tried for the murders and declared not guilty.

On 20th June 1893, the jury declared that Borden was not guilty of the crime & therefore acquitted her. Other than her, no one indicted for the murders & her sister Emma was not in town on the day of the murder.

Some sources also claimed that Bridget Sullivan, the maid on duty that day, was angry because she was ordered to clean windows on a hot summer day & murdered the couple.

In the year 1897, Borden accused of shoplifting in Providence, Rhode Island. This incident degraded her reputation further in the society.


Lizzie Borden died at the age of sixty-six due to pneumonia at her home in Fall River on June 1, 1927. She fell seriously ill a year before her death and had her gall bladder removed. 

In the year 1975, a television movie based on the life of Lizzie Borden premiered on the ABC network. Her murder case was later adapted to a horror movie, titled'Lizzie' in 2012 which was directed by David Dunn Jr.

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