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Lisa Backwell is popularly known from the movies Skins released in 2007, Ella in 2010 and Too Good of a Samaritan in 2012. She was born in 1990 in Bristol, England. There is no information about her parents and her childhood. Backwell made her acting debut in 2008, guest featured on the series Skins toward the end of its second season.

At the point when the series returned in 2009 for a third season, just she and Kaya Scodelario stayed in the cast. Later, they were joined by another cast for the third season, which premiered on January 22, 2009, in England. Backwell's character was Pandora Moon, who met at school Effy, who soon turned into her closest friend. In the third season, Pandora knows Thomas, an African kid working at school cleaner and after that turns into her boyfriend, starting a series of conflict.

She is loaded with adorableness and her million-dollar grin has made individuals cherish her, and get motivated from. She has depicted a portion of the cutest parts in TV shows and movies.In the start of her career, Lisa Backwell shared on screen time to Britain's brightest youthful stars, some of which were Nicholas Hoult, Jack O'Connell, Dev Patel and Hannah Murray.

Backwell has sparkled in Skins just as well as in two or three short films. She showed up in a short motion picture called Ella where she was amazing as she was depicting the main character in the film. Some different production she totally left a mark include the likes of The Children's Hour and Too Good of a Samaritan.

Lisa student acting at National Youth Theater.Sources claim Lisa may have resigned from acting at only 24 because of an absence of chances. She as of now lives in the place where she grew up Bristol .Her personal life was never highlighted by the media, so bits of gossip about her dating life never surfaced. There is no confirmation of her being married or have any children and her news of divorce she keeps her personal life amazingly private.

As of now, she is studying in Bristol and looks toward a career in an account. She moved back to Bristol from London after the completion of her motion picture Too Good a Samaritan. Lisa lives with her folks and has said that she prefers it superior to anything living alone like she used to in London.She has expressed she used to get lonely back in her apartment in London. She was active on Twitter until 2012, much of the time posting updates about her and her cast members. She has shunned all social action subsequent to moving back to Bristol, where she says she is enjoying her new country life. Her folks are exceptionally supporting of her new choice to study finance.

She has always kept her personal life private so there is no information available including her nationality, religion, net worth, and salary. Even though she spent a short time in movie business she will always be remembered and loved by her fans.

by sanjeet, 27 May, 2016

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