Leticia Finley and Miley Cyrus

Leticia Jean "Tish" Cyrus was born on 13th May 1967 in Nashville, Tennessee as Leticia Finley. Leticia was a drummer who gave local live performances. She met country singer, Billy Ray Cyrus when she was 19 years old. They met on the set of Billy’s Achy Breaky Heart music video, where Leticia was one of the dancers. The couple began dating and gave birth to Brandi Cyrus in the year 1987. Later on, they had a second kid named Trace Cyrus born on 1989. On 23rd November 1992, the couple gave birth to a girl named Destiny Hope Cyrus, who is currently known as Miley.

According to Billy’s record label, the marriage was against his contract. But, the couple secretly married on 28th December 1993 near their home in Nashville. The hidden fact about their marriage was released shortly after. After Miley, they bore two more children together named Noah and Braison. Miley became a teen idol when she was cast in the Disney channel television series, Hannah Montanah. Since then, her finance has been looked after by her mother, Leticia.

For each episode of Hannah Montana, Miley was paid $15,000, thus making her the sixth-highest paid child star on television and Leticia was the one who managed her accounts. Leticia Finley and Miley Cyrus have since then been a combo, who have been working fantastically in the music and cinema industry. Leticia has worked as a film executive producer for Miley’s projects like The Last Song in 2010, LOL and So Undercover in 2012, Family Bond and Wake. Leticia became the co-producer for project with Miley, such as the concert DVD titled Miley Cyrus in London: Live at the O2 to the Wonder World Tour.

Leticia is continuously around Miley and when Miley Cyrus and the frontman of Poison, Bret Michaels collaborated for a project, there were rumors of an affair between Bret and Leticia. In October 2010, after 17 long years of marriage, Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish Cyrus announced their divorce. It came in as a shock to Miley and her siblings. They cited the reason of their divorce to be irreconcilable differences. There were rumors that Miley’s growing success in the industry might have been the cause for their divorce. They filed for divorce in Los Angeles. However, in the following spring they came closer again and Billy withdrew the divorce saying that he wanted to pull his family back together.  

Leticia Finley also known as Tish Cyrus has always supported Miley through thick and thin. Miley revealed that when she was 14 years old, she came out as a bisexual to her mother and Leticia totally accepted her. Miley has since come forward publicly as gender fluid and is ready to love anyone who loves her. Miley posts many pictures of her time with Leticia on various social media sites like Twitter and Instagram.



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