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He is an intellectual man and a very successful journalist. He is none other than Leslie Roberts. Roberts was born in the year 1962 on 28th of June and this makes his age 53 at this time. At this age, he has already been on the verge of becoming a legend. He was born in a place called Montreal which lies in Canada. As he was born in Canada, his nationality is obviously Canadian. He has shined throughout his career and his brilliance and intelligence has always played a huge part in his success. He is a humble human being and always carries a cute smile on his face. Even after being so popular and so rich, he is always working hard for more and this says a lot about him.

Roberts was born and raised in a family where many family members were already in the field of journalism. His grandfather was the founder of a Montreal tabloid newspaper named The Axe. He has worked for many TV shows and radio shows till today and in each one of them he has been able to shine. At a very early age of just 18 he started as an intern in CKGM radio. His work over there won hearts. In the year 1985, he had an opportunity to be the medical reporter for CFCF-TV and he did not let that chance slip through his hands. He was the editor and an anchor for a huge show called Global Toronto but sadly he lost his job because of some conflict of interest between him and his employer. It was a bad day for him and he himself resigned in the year 2015 on 15th of January. However, his contributions for the show will never be forgotten.  

His personal life has had some ups and downs which he was unable to solve. He was dating his girlfriend Amalia Fernandez before the couple decided to get married. The couple got married and started to live happily as husband and wife. But sadly, because of some serious issues the couple had to go through a divorce. He might have children but details on them are missing right now. He is not gay though, given that he has been married and even has kids with his ex-wife.  

Roberts is a great journalist and there is no doubt that information on him and his amazing biography can be grabbed from popular wiki sites such as Wikipedia. He has always enjoyed a very good salary throughout his career which has boosted his net worth. He looks like a tall man but his exact height is not available right now. He is also active in social networking sites such as Twitter and likes to connect his fans through these site.


by sanjeet, 29 Aug, 2015

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