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Leslie Bega is an American actress and singer who has tried her hand on the big screen, television, as well as theatre. She has had a long and distinguished career on the silver screen. Her most notable roles came in such acclaimed TV series as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and The Sopranos.

Leslie Was A Valedictorian Of Her High School Cla s s

Leslie Bega was born Leslie Rae Bega to Izahar Dick Bega and Marlene Ruth on April 17, 1967, in Los Angeles, California. Born in Sephardi Jewish and Russian Jewish heritage, Leslie spent most of her childhood traveling between Los Angeles and New York. She attended the Lycée Français de Los Angeles private school and graduated magna c u m laude.  

She also majored in cinema at the University of Southern California with a minor in drama. She also attended the Marshall School of Business.

Leslie Has Appeared In The Sopranos And CSI

Leslie started her career from the Broadway play The Patriots when she was only six. The role further led her to star in a number of TV commercials and TV and film. She has appeared in many Broadway musicals since then. Her proficiency as a performer and singer led her to perform a solo performance at the Lincoln Center in 2001.

In 1986, Leslie landed a role as Maria Borges in an American sitcom, Head of the Cla s s, where she appeared alongside Hollywood icon, Brad Pitt. She ended up appearing in 68 episodes of the series. Following this, she was cast in the crime-drama, C-16: FBI.

She also appeared as Leah in three episodes of the highly successful crime-drama TV series, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. She was further exposed to the mainstream when she landed the role of Tony Soprano’s mistress, Valentina La Paz, in the critically acclaimed crime-drama television series, The Sopranos.

Besides, Bega has made her guest appearances in numerous television series, including CSI: NY, Nip/Tuck, and American Dad!

Leslie has also appeared in numerous motion pictures. Her acting credits include the 1991 crime-drama, Mobsters, the 1995 comedy-drama, The American President, and the 1997 mystery-thriller, Lost Highway. Furthermore, Bega also had an uncredited role in John Travolta starrer Get Shorty.

Apart from her career in acting, Leslie is also an entrepreneur. She worked in financing with the company Peak Finance before becoming a commercial and residential real estate broker and subsequently working for international firms such as Sotheby's International Realty.

Leslie's Net Worth

As of 2019, Leslie Bega’s net worth is believed to be between $1 million and $5 million. The 52-year-old actor has been in the business since the ’80s and has had many successful appearances in movies and TV. The shows The Sopranos and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation are some of the most acclaimed and successful series she has been a part of in her entire career.

Leslie is also a successful real estate broker with an international clientele. She is the top 1% in sales at Sotheby’s International Realty due to her performance and her understanding of the market. So there is no doubt that Leslie is a bona fide millionaire.

Leslie Has Been Married And Divorced

Leslie has been married and divorced from INXS drummer, Jon Farriss. She tied the knot with the Australian rock band member in 1992. Their relationship lasted five years before they got divorced in 1997.

Apart from her pa s sion for acting and an aptitude for real estate brokerage, Leslie has also dabbled in interior design and culinary arts. She is also a licensed specialist in Homeopathic medicine.

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