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Leslie Ash was born in 19 February 1960. She was born in Clapham, London England. She is active in the field as an actress and writer since, 1965. She is an English actress who is famous with her character known as Deborah Burton. This was broadcast in BBC sitcom. Along with this Men Behaving Badly, in the medical drama in BBC she had made a wonderful presence of herself. With the publication of her book, my life behaving badly she further achieved a higher fame in her life along with the publication of her Autobiography in the year 2007.

Looking back to her early career, Ash was appeared in the British television for the very first time in the year 1964. But she in the early age of 4 was advertised in a hand washing product where she was asked to say, Mummy, why are your hands so soft? It was a fairy liquid advertisement. She completed her education from Italia Conti academy stage school. She after completion of her schooling started searching her career as a fashion model who was featured in several types of teenager magazine as a cover girl. 

Ash got engaged with former footballer and later got married with spouse Lee Chapman. These couple has 2 sons. She was also linked with her partner Rowan Atkinson in the year 1984. The sister of Ash is also one of the dancers from Hot Gossip Debbie Ash. She also got one child named Eddie Kidd from her former husband who was a stunt motorcyclist. Both of these sisters were appeared together as on screen sisters in Night Nurse that was produced by Rosie Dixon. Looking across present context Chapman and Ash has been successful towards their business where they have established several numbers of Cocktail bars that are mostly demanded by the people all across the London. Ash was also hospitalized due to her bad health where she suffered from Texoplasmosis. She was victimized during the 2 months of her pregnancy in France. She later planned to spread this awareness all over Britain since this was the very common issue within this country. She was also nearly killed in the year 2004 by MSSA while she was been treated within the hospital because of having problem in her lungs. She has also implanted her lips in larger size.

Ash often faces a controversy regarding her appearance in public as well rare arrival with her husband together. 

Ash is also involved within various charity events. She was basically involved within the organizations that were related within the child right issues within past few years, 

The net worth of this actress is still unknown. Yet, according to wiki it can be stated that, it is increasing in order with higher success. 


by Bchrome, 27 Nov, 2015

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