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Lesley Fera is famous for portraying Veronica Hastings on the ABC Family series Pretty Little Liars. She has appeared in numerous films and TV series including Herstory, The Lovers and CSI: Miami.

Fera started her acting career from a stage shows in the mid-1990s. She made her television debut with a guest appearance in a TV series 3rd Rock from the Sun.

In 2009-10, she featured in a recurring role in a TV series 24. From 2010-17, she appeared in a recurring role in a TV series Pretty Little Liars.

Early Life And Education Of Lesley Fera

Lesley Fera is an actress of American nationality who has been known for her roles portrayed in the hit television series like Pretty Little Liars, 24, CSI: Miami and House.

She was born on the 23rd of November, 1971 and has managed to appear in the television shows and movies since 1998 according to her bio. She has often been rumored to be a celebrity twin of Mariska Hargitay due to the similar looks that they possess.

Fera was born in the United States of America and started her career in movies with the film Absence of the Good. News about her parents and siblings are not available. She has also appeared on Herstory and Boone: the Bounty Hunter.

Lesley Fera's Career

She has been talked about more particularly, for the roles she has portrayed on television. She started on television with her role in the 1998 show 3rd Rock from the Sun. Fera followed it with performances on Titus as Paul and on Gideon’s Crossing as Janet Beckham.

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She has also appeared as Anne on Strong Medicine and as Carla Patterson on Thieves. Her other endeavors include acting on The Drew Carey Show, Citizen Baines, Judging Amy, The Practice and CSI: Miami.

Lesley has appeared in ER as Helen Kolber and on Medical Investigation as Gladys Halperin. She has also managed to appear on NYPD Blue, Numb3rs, Cold Case, Justice, 24, Without a Trace, The Mentalist, Nip/Tuck, and Criminal Minds and most recently in a recurring role of Veronica Hastings on the hit series Pretty Little Liars. She also appears regularly on Southland and Dating in LA and Other Urban Myths. 

Lesley Fera's Net Worth

The net worth and salary of Lesley must be huge but the exact amount is not available. She has a height of 5 feet and 5 inches and has managed to keep her weight perfectly balanced according to her height. Her biography and pictures are widely searched by her fans around the world on sites like the wiki. 

Lesley Fera's Personal Life

The personal life of Lesley has been kept a bit hidden from the general public but it has been known that she has been married.  Her husband is Ned Mochel. They wed on the 4th of September, 2012 and have been getting along pretty well since then. She has not had any children yet.

She seems to be devoted entirely to her husband and they have had no issues that might lead to a divorce between the pair. She has never been a s sumed to have been an apart of lesbian relationships and is certainly straight.

Her relationships with other boyfriends have never been known and she has also never been a s sociated with anyone from the acting fraternity. She has managed to keep her personal life well hidden and it can be hoped that more information about her becomes available in the time to come.


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