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Lena Headey was born in 3 October 1973 and she is 42 years by now. The birth place of Lena is Hamilton, Bermuda and she is now living in Los Angeles, California. Lena is also living in her place of origin located in London, England and professionally she is English actress whose active years within the film industry started from the year 1992. Till today’s time she has been spotted with her best performance in the movies like 300 that came in the year 2007 as well as in The Red Baron that was in the year 2008. Her mother name is Sue and her father name is John Headey. Lena’s father was professionally working as police cadet within Yorkshire and she was the eldest child out of his children also having one younger son.

Lena was very good at her study and she joined Shelly College during the very early phase of her education. This was during the time when she was just 17 years old and she became the part within Royal National Theatre. She was also offered with the character in the film named Waterland in the year 1992 and from the very time she had her debut and her starting of the professional career was a great success indeed.

Lena and her professional life are totally different she got married with her affair that she dictated as a love of her life. Lena got her boyfriend and later on as spouse to Peter Loughran in the year 2006 and righter after year of having their affair she got married with him in the year 2007. They were having a happy married life but unfortunately they had divorce and they ended their married life in the year 2013 and she took the custody of her 2 children within herself. Yet, the reason behind their divorce is also not flashed out among the public. In addition to this she also has an affair with her boyfriend Johnny Cicco whom she got engaged as well but this did not lasted for a long time and later her affair started with Jason Flemyng. They had their relationship for 9 years long as an affair which started from 1994 till the year 2003. During the filming of The Jungle Book they met for the very first time and started their affair. They also used to dictate each other as girlfriend and boyfriend in the public but her affair later on with Marcos Domina made them to break their relationship.

Lena is bio states her height is 5 feet 5 inches in tall and her sexy pictures can be easily seen within the social pages. Additionally, the salary and net worth of this diva is estimated to be around 1.5 million American dollars in the year 2015 will be more in future.

by Bchrome, 14 Feb, 2016

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