Lauren Silverman socialite, know her husband, partner and children

Husband Andrew of Lauren Silverman is well known about the relationship of Lauren with Simon Cowell. According to sources, Lauren Silverman is a socialite and was found kissing Cowell the very last year. It also further says that Andrew was very well known about this aspect and made a well guess what they did a whole time. Lauren on the other side is giving birth to the child of her partner Simon Cowell. The reason behind Lauren moving around with Simon, she clarifies about her husband that Andrew was only cavorting among the people. She also parties with many girls who belong to the various continents.

Report provided by TMZ further states Lauren and Simon is having a relationship with their mutual understanding and her husband Andrew has no any problem regarding this affair. Andrew states Lauren being a socialite; I want her to spend her life in the way she wants.

Lauren speaks with Simon several times a day with open to Andrew. They never had any issue regarding their visit across the millionaire music mogul across the United Kingdom. These couples are soon filing for a divorce and taking well care of their child Adam, with the proper custody.

They further elaborated about their child that, though we are being separated, we will be providing the best care and attention to our child. He will not be facing any problem with the reason for our relationship.

Andrew also reported Cowell as his co-respondent within the divorce that has been filed in Supreme Court 2 weeks ago. Andrew has filed of a divorce with the issue mentioning adultery. Simon also states he will play a role as parents within their child. He further elaborates, “I will always be committed within my responsibility.

Lauren is occupied with her pregnancy this time, Simon states he has so many plans for the better career of Lauren.  Similarly, looking towards the child of Lauren and Andrew, Lauren states, she needs some time and privacy regarding this matter and will be working better for the proper growth of their child.

Simon is happy because his life changed after the appearance of Lauren. At the age of 54 Simon being a father of Lauren’s child is happy to undertake all the responsibility across the child. They named the child with Eric and states, the child will be living a luxurious and stylish lifestyle. He is happy after hearing the news of being a father and make Adam as Eric’s older brother.

These couple is making many plans regarding the welcome of the child. With cute bed and bed sheets, baby’s car seats and internal decorations for the baby is the primary part for the baby’s luxurious living, as according to Lauren. We wish them a very happy life ahead with higher steps of success. 


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