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Laura Innes was born with her birth name as Laura Elizabeth Innes who is running 58 years old by now. Laura was born in Pontiac, Michigan of United States and her birth date is August 16, 1957. From the year 1978 till the current phase she is working actively as an actress and television director across Hollywood who is remembered with her character in ER which is a NBC medical drama with the role of Dr. Kerry Weaver. Additionally in The Event she played the role of Sophia within the NBC thriller is also the remarkable and progressive performance that she has carried out. Laura father was interested in working theater and her mother was working in a music company.

Laura was interested in acting from the very stage of her time therefore her father made her to introduce one of the professional theater who was close to her family. As he used to take the family time and again to Stratford Festival of Canada therefore she was also planning to make her entry within the stage program. Later, she joined Northwestern University for her education and she achieved the degree in the major subject of theater. During the very time she also joined Alpha Chi Omega being as an active member. Her first progressive performance was made within Goodman Theatre which was a renowned theater of Chicago. With her excellent and progressive styles of performance she was interested more and more across to her acting.

Laura was linked up with many of the names as her affair in her teenage days. Even some people claimed that she was spotted with her boyfriend in front of college gate where they were enjoying their time. But Laura claimed that she never had any affair or boyfriend in college times. Later her relationship was started with David Brisbin as an affair whom she got married in the year 1988. She is totally happy with her spouse now and they are the responsible parents of 2 children. Her bio has also absence of information for her to give a divorce to her spouse and even she has been handling her career and personal time in a manageable way. Laura is also a good speaker according to her friends.

Laura height is 5 feet 4 inches in tall. Her body and measurement seems she has an absolute presentation styles with her boldness. Talking about her salary and net worth, she has been smart enough to capture her salary and along with this her net worth is also absolute sum of amount  is calculated to be around 3 million American dollars.

Laura is also a seen face within the social networking sites. She has been mostly viewed within Twitter with her amazing tweets and now Laura has also been captured into Instagram where she posts her latest activities collecting high range of fans.

by Bchrome, 16 Mar, 2016

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