Leticia Finley to Tish Cyrus and know before married life

Well well well! Here is the amazing news to hear of Tish Cyrus. Tish Cyrus was actually born as Leticia jean Finley and now earned her popularity as a Tish Cyrus. She named as Tish appeared after she became a popular producer and actress within the film industry. She is known from the Last Song that came across in the year 2010. You might be amazed but the fact is she has 2 spouses named Bill Ray Cyrus and Baxter Neal Helson. Tish aka Leticia got divorced with her first husband due to the conflict and mutual misunderstanding. According to the hidden sources her 1st husband wanted her to keep her as a housewife.

Tish is known as Miley Cyrus mother. She was always forced with her career and wanted to earn popularity. She is titled as a Rock and Roll Groupie by her group of friend. Turning from Leticia to Tish was her long story. She produced many films with collaboration with her daughter. Previously before her marriage, Tish never thought to come within the film industry; rather she was planning to become a successful entrepreneur. But after meeting Bill Ray Cyrus, and got married with him she planned to seriously go within this industry. Looking across her very first spouse Baxter Neal Helson, she is the mother of 2 children from his side.

Looking across the love life of Baxter Neal Helson with Leticia the amazing news is those children’s from Baxter were highly accepted by Billy Ray Cyrus after they got divorced. Baxter is not so famous, he is just a simple drummer neither he is a popular public figure, this might also be the additional reason behind their divorce. Since, from the beginning of their date from 1991 Baxter stated they always had many controversies and misunderstanding always. The reason additionally can also be the popularity of Tish and fear with the inferiority within Baxter, as according to Tish.

She stated within one interview that, “I took a long journey converting myself from Leticia to Tish and Baxter was there spoiling my public image. I tried to undertake it but his acts and unwanted fight disturbed my all my day. I planned to get separated finally!”

Oh! So sad to hear about the news Tish. The similar view was across Baxter, he stated that she failed to maintain the bondage and follow the understanding between their relationships.  No, Baxter is not a gay at all. There is no specific reason behind doubting about his sexuality.

Tish is working sincerely with her career. Net worth of Tish is a handsome amount. Baxter states, I am happy with her success but I don’t want her anymore, let her live a happy life and I am also moved on so far. The same reaction is from Tish. Oh! Such a sad ending of the love story.


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