Has Tish Cyrus' ex husband Baxter Neal Helson married again? Find the personal details of Neal, here

News by Clarence Published on 04 Dec,2016 Updated on 04 Dec,2016

Leticia Jean Finley, better known as, Tish Cyrus,  is a producer and actress. Tish had two children with  Baxter Neal Helson.  Trace Cyrus, born as Neil Timothy Helson is Tish’s first son with her ex-husband Baxter Neal Helson. Tish and Baxter gave birth to their son Trace on February 24, 1989. 

Tish Cyrus' ex-husband Baxter Neal Helson

Tish has two children with Baxter Neal Helson. Trace Cyrus, born as Neil Timothy Helson is Tish’s first son with her ex-husband, Baxter Neal Helson. Tish and Baxter gave birth to their son Trace on February 24, 1989. Christopher Cody Cyrus is a son of Baxter Neal Helson from his previous relationships. However, that pair separated and made way for her marriage to Billy.

                                    Tish Cyrus explains in the MTV documentary

The information about Tish Cyrus and Baxter's marriage is unknown to the media. Presently, Baxter is living a satisfactory life and trying to forget his past and memories with Tish Cyrus. He has stated that he never ever wants to meet Tish in his life again.

Baxter Neal Helson popularly earned his fame as an ex-husband of Tish Cyrus. There were many hearsay and controversy regarding their separation. Tish was well attracted towards the popularity, fame, and good public image of Billy.  There is no any information available on his relationship status after divorcing Tish Cyrus.

Billy Ray Cyrus married to his girlfriend Tish Cyrus

Tish Cyrus almost ended her second marriage with Baxter in 2010. However, within the gap of a year, the couple resolved their issues and rekindled their love. Billy was also formerly married to Cindy Smith from 1986 to 1991. Tish tied a knot with Billy on 28th of December 1993. Billy has a son named Christopher Cody with Kristin Lucky before he settled down with Tish.

                                              Tish Cyrus and husband Billy Ray Cyrus

Aside from the fact that Billy is Miley Cyrus' father, he is also famous in his own right. Tish separated from her second husband Billy Ray Cyrus twice. Billy filed for divorce on October 26, 2010, but later dropped it. Billy Ray Cyrus is a singer, songwriter, and actor. On December 28, 1993, Billy married Leticia "Tish" Cyrus. Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus together have three children. She gave birth to their first child Miley on November 23, 1992 .

                             Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus and Noah Cyrus

Miley is the couple's first child together out of 3 children. Both of them have children from previous relationships. Billy’s son was born a mere 8 months before his famous sister; on the other hand, Tish has two children from a previous marriage.

Miley Ray Cyrus, Braison Cyrus, and Noah Cyrus are the children from Tish Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus. Braison Cyrus was born on May 9, 1994, and he is Tish and Billy’s first biological son together. Tish gave birth to her youngest daughter Noah Cyrus on January 9, 2000.