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American news personality, Landon Dowdy is best known for her a s sociation with CNBC. She joined CNBC in 2014 and since then has served as a TV anchor. Some of her popular shows are Young Money and Morning Report.

Early Life Of Landon Dowdy

Landon Dowdy was born on July 1, in the United States. She completed her schooling from High Point Central High School, North Carolina. She graduated from University of North Carolina with a Bachelor degree in broadcast journalism in 2011.

Dowdy received John Robert Bittner scholarship at national Hearst Journalism Awards. In 2012, she was honored at the University of Oxford. 

Landon Dowdy's Career

Landon Dowdy started her journalism career in 2014 after joining CNBC where she worked as a general a s sistant reporter focusing on personal finance and millennials in the workplace. Then she served as CNBC news desk internee in the New York for 4 months.

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As of 2018, she is the host of CNBC's popular digital series, Young Money, and Morning Report. She also reports Golf Channel, NBC affiliated channel across the country and NBC properties contributing business updates to MSNBC.

Landon Dowdy's Net Worth

Landon Dowdy is one of the reputed CNBC journalists who is best known for her anchoring style. As per Gla s, the average salary of CNBC anchor ranges from $611K - $695K. So, Dowdy might earn the same figure. Considering her career growth, her net worth must be in six digit figure.

Landon Dowdy's Personal Life, Married, Husband,

Landon Dowdy is one of those TV personalities who prefer to keep their personal life low key. Due to her secretive nature, she hasn't opened up about her relationship status to media. But some online sources claimed she isn't married which simply implies she is possibly single. She is active in Twitter where she has more than 3k followers.

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