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Laila Robins was born in March 14, 1959, which makes her 57 years old now. Laila birth area is St. Paul, Minnesota of USA and this actress from 1987 has presented herself in many of the American films and stage programs as an actress. Lalia parents belong from Latvian American family. Laila mother name is Brigita and her father name is Janis who was a research chemist. Laila is out of 4 children of her parents where all of them are daughters. She is very closed and attached with her siblings and connected with them. Laila father was working in a drama company as an agent where as his mother was taking good care of the children and busy in their betterment. Laila had a successful and wealthy family and she was never complained with any necessity for her growth and development.

Laila obtained her undergraduate degree from University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire in major subject BA. Along with this she also became a part of Yale School of Drama during the very time. Laila also won many awards and nominated because of her excellent skills of acting. She also became a part of Equity Foundation Joe which she mentions one of the best appreciations that she ever achieved. Along with this she also became a part of Roundabout Theatre Company and portrayed within the film named Heartbreak House which officially got enforced in the year 2006. Along with this in the year 1987 as well her very first official movie became successful where he was given with the role as Susan Page and the name of the film is Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

Laila met her soulmate in the early time and started her affair as soon in the year 2000. The name of her spouse is Robert Cuccioli. He is also an actor within the industry. Laila had a long time affair with Robert and their love can be declared as a successful story till date. Her bio has no evidence of any past divorce story and neither has she flashed about her children. Laila is a strong and independent lady who is addicted in listening music. Robins is a great fan of Nirvana and she often loves listening their songs. There is no question of her sexuality and she is extremely beautiful with her styles, appearances and styles of presenting herself.

Laila's height, weight, and body measurement is though not properly mentioned in the social media. Yet, it can be seen from her pictures that she has properly maintained it. Her salary and net worth as mentioned in her bio is very exclusive and is dictated to be thousands of American dollars.

Laila is popular face within the social media and her pictures can be downloaded from internet. 

by Bchrome, 03 Apr, 2016

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