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Kristoffer Jon Polaha is often dictated with his name as Kristoffer Polaha and was born in February 18, 1977. Polaha birth place is located in Reno, Nevada of United States and by now he is 39 years old in age. Polaha mostly is known with his character within North Shore where he was portrayed with the character of Jason Matthews. Polaha has also made his dashing presentation across Tru Calling which is a popular television series of all time. Polaha father was an engineer and his mother was working a business partner working in accordance with her husband. Later, the extra martial stories and affairs of his father granted divorce to the couple and he was living with his mother and grandparents during the very time.

Polaha was very talented student in his studies and he wanted to read further in the very time but due to his attention in acting and television did not make him to last further in the very time. Along with this he got a very first replacement during the very time. Along with this he also got appeared within Miss Guided which is also the best work undertaken by him. His very first film work is counted to be Home Base which came in the year 2002. This made him to succeed therefore he kept up his spirit over his professional working over the years.

Polaha stories of affairs are counted to be limited because he was not much interested in dating with any girls. His bio also exclaims that during the very early time he was neither interested with Julianne Morris who is his current spouse. But due to the regular attention and attraction of Julianne made he to think about the relationship that made the couple to get closer and finally he accepted her as his girlfriend. Polaha rumors with Julianne started hitting the media time and again which also turned to be true and later the couple got married. Polaha is the father of 3 children and he is very balanced with his career and personal life side by side. Polaha is a very good singer as well but he never gave singing as his professional direction. Polaha often travels with his spouse and he neglects the rumors of the couple getting separated. There are not any extra stories of Polaha and in real he is very shy kind of person.

Polaha height is 6 feet 3 inches and falls under white ethnicity background holding American nationality. Along with this his salary is amazing like his styles and presentation. During the current stage he is able to hold with the net worth of amount around 5 million American dollars. He is also planning to make some donation to the social charity and activities for the needy people.  

by Bchrome, 28 Mar, 2016

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