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Kristin Grannis is a Certified Therapist and Family Counselor, focusing on aiding individuals dealing with depression, anxiety, and relationship issues. Grannis came into the spotlight after the relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Jammie Foxx was revealed in 2017.

Foxx, a highly acclaimed Hollywood actor, is popular through his roles in beloved sitcoms like In Living Color. His portrayal in the lead role of the film Ray earned him an Academy Award for Best Actor, solidifying his status in the industry. 

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Early Life Of Kristin Grannis

Kristin Grannis, born on January 4th, 1977, in the USA, is the daughter of Richard Grannis, a retired SVP and Treasurer at QUALCOMM Inc. She identifies as Caucasian and holds American citizenship being currently in her mid-forties. Unfortunately, details about Kristin's early life and upbringing are scarce.

Grannis gained attention due to her past relationship with Hollywood entertainer Jamie Foxx, with whom she shares a child. Their co-parenting dynamic and public appearances together during the early 2000s have drawn interest from the public.

About Kristin's Ex-Boyfriend

Jamie Foxx, born in Terrell, Texas, on December 13, 1967, initially rose to fame through comedy on "In Living Color" before showcasing his versatility in drama and music. His standout performances in "Any Given Sunday" and the award-winning portrayal of Ray Charles in "Ray" marked significant career milestones, including an Academy Award.

Jamie Foxx posing in the pictureJamie Foxx posing in the picture.
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Foxx's career expanded into diverse genres like action with The Kingdom, emotionally impactful roles in The Soloist, and standout performances in films like Django Unchained and Baby Driver, illustrating his wide-ranging talents. Alongside acting, he took on an executive producer role for White Famous, a sitcom rooted in his stand-up origins, highlighting his multifaceted career and continual ability to surprise audiences.

The Chance Encounter Sparked A Lasting Connection

Kristin Grannis and Jamie Foxx crossed paths before their romance, but the specifics of their meeting remain largely undisclosed due to Foxx's tendency to keep his personal life private. The couple's relationship remained a secret for years, with Grannis’s identity hidden until October 2017, when photographs captured the sharing moments with her daughter alongside Foxx in Los Angeles.

Jamie Foxx with his ex wife Kristine and their daughter. Jamie Foxx with his ex-wife Kristine and their daughter Annalise.
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Their years-long relationship led to the birth of their daughter, Annalise Bishop, though it encountered difficulties, notably Foxx's involvement with Katie Holmes, straining his bond with Grannis. Despite these hurdles, the couple persevered, maintaining a co-parenting dynamic. Instances like Kristin and Jamie's reunion in Miami in December 2018 underscore the complexity and endurance of their shared history.

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Motherhood Of Family Counselor

The couple welcomed their daughter on October 3rd, 2018, and although they've since parted ways, both remain deeply involved in providing devoted care and attention to their 5-year-old, Annalise. Several sightings have captured the celebrity child with her parents, highlighting the shared commitment to her well-being.

Kristin Grannis with her daughter Kristin Grannis with her daughter Annalise.
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However, Annalise isn't the only offspring of the Academy Award-winning actor. Corinne Foxx, born in 1994, is Jamie Foxx's daughter from a previous relationship. Known for her roles in TV production, acting, and modeling, Corinne is a popular figure.

Jamie and Corinne prioritize co-parenting, frequently arranging discrete meetings at lesser-known restaurants to spend quality time with their daughter together. Both parents maintain individual close relationships with Annalise. 

Breakup Of Family Counselor And Hollywood Actor

The careful couple managed not only to keep their relationship private but also separated without any public announcement. The specific timing of Jamie Foxx and Kristin Grannis ending their relationship remains undisclosed, as neither has addressed the reasons for their separation.

Speculation about Foxx's being unfaithful arose in 2015 when reports surfaced about his involvement with several notable celebrities, including actress Katie Holmes. Their relationship became public after being spotted on vacation in Chicago.

These revelations suggesting they had been dating even earlier reportedly complicated Foxx's relationship with Kristin, leading to their eventual breakup, although neither of them has openly discussed these details.

Being A Certified Therapist And Family Counselor

After earning a Master's degree in Arts from Antioch University in California in 2012, Kristin pursued a career in psychology. She currently practices as a licensed marriage and family therapist, based in Agoura Hills, California. Grannis has specialized in supporting individuals dealing with anxiety, depression, and relationship difficulties. 

Grannis utilizes various healing approaches including brain spotting, attachment-based therapy, compassion-focused therapy, and culturally sensitive therapy. Her shift from academic studies to becoming a certified therapist showcases her strong commitment to helping others manage their mental and emotional health.

Kristin's Net Worth

Kristin Grannis is reportedly worth around $3 million. Thanks to her dual successes as an entrepreneur and a marriage and family therapist for her wealth.

While precise figures might differ in various reports, her substantial financial standing is evident, reflecting her achievements in both business and therapy. She lives a good life.

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by Joseph, 29 Dec, 2023

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