Kristian Denny Todd and Chuck Todd married, personal life

Kristian Denny Todd and Chuck Todd are an American couple, who are well known and talked about in the media. Chuck, a journalist by occupation met his wife Kristian some 18 years ago when he was working in New York City. With the starting of his name and career, Chuck was busy to be any form of relationships and similar was the case with Kristian.

Kristian Denny Todd's Decades-long married life with veteran media personality Chuck Todd

The two got to know each other in a charity function which Chuck was to cover and Kristina was the organizer. Developing some similar interest and taste of thought brought the two up close and they started to date from 1997. A couple of years into their romantic life, they thought about getting married and got together under the church of lord in 2000, between few friends and family.

The couple, who currently live at their own house in Arlington, Virginia have two children together; a daughter named Margaret (born 2003) and a son named Harrison (born 2007). Their strong married life is well balanced with faith and love and they respect each other’s job and life. A happy couple, there is no sort of rumor about them having a divorce anytime soon. 

She has not much is disclosed about her personal life. Before marrying Chuck, she was in a romantic relationship with David James, a senate of Democratic Party. She was born and raised as a Christian and belongs to white ethnicity.  

Kristina is an American born woman, who grew up in California and after completing her school level education went to study politics at the Johns Hopkins University. She was born as the only child to a middle-cla s s family and no whereabouts of her parents or children can be found.

Graduating in Ma s s Communication, she started to work as a political activist under the senator Jim Webb. A consultant, she was responsible to counsel as well as provide emails to Democratic candidates and progressive causes. She, along with some friends was one of the founders of Maverick Strategies and Mail. A blonde and a tall woman, she has earned popularity in her field of work and has got many followers over her Twitter account.

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Chuck Todd, on the other hand, is a journalist who is currently 47 years old and was born on the 8 of April 1972 in Florida, Miami. Raised as a Jew, he attended the Miami Killian Senior High School and graduated in 1989. Then he got enrolled in the George Washington University where he studied from 1990 to 1994.

A talented student, he was also an avid musician and learned to play French Horn that earned him a musical scholarship. His major was political science and music was his minor, although he didn’t manage to graduate

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