Krayzie Bone with his wife in the tour

On the October of 2015, the Bone Thugs-N-Harmony star Krayzie Bone, born Anthony Henderson, got into a union with the long love Andrea. They did not make this a huge celebration and simply got married in a courthouse. The couple were so in love that they did not want to wait and made no delays for the marriage. However the newly married couple has made it apparent that they were planning to have a huge celebration next year which they did in May. Now when I say ‘the long love Andrea’, if Andrea (the mother of his 3 children) pops in your head then I so hate to tell you but you got it wrong. Bone actually made the bonding with a different Andrea (perhaps he has a thing for this name) whom he says he has been together with since the past 3 years. The couple has 3 kids, Nathan, Malaysia, and Anthony.  However it is also known to media that he is the father of 8 children but none from his wife Andrea whom he married in 2014. But then again, as he likes to stay away from paparazzo and reporters, the details could not be exacted.

The rapper after making it public that he will be seeing his previous partner Andrea one last time for the December tour set out for Canada. This event, however, met an early end as Bone was afflicted by a serious autoimmune disease. The disorder, called sarcoidosis, mainly affects the lungs and the lymph nodes and drives the abnormal collection of inflammatory cells.

Bone has tweeted: “Canada thank you for your support sorry I had to cut it short due to sickness but I will be back to make those dates up soon! Much love”

While he was on a tour with Andrea in Canada, Bone’s doctors advised him to ‘take no chances’ and so he took their advice and returned to Los Angeles for his treatment. So much so, the drug he takes for sarcoidosis affected his immune system which in turn worsened the pneumonia.

However, he has promised to make up for the lost dates in April this year. Not much has been heard from Andrea recently. They could as well resume with the both (Andrea and Bone) completing their tour as planned.   

Though the year has been pretty rough for him physically, financially however, he is really on fire. People With Money has reported on March 11 2016 that Krayzie Bone is the highest paid rapper in the world. He has landed $82 million between the months of February 2015 and February 2016. The sources of his income range from sponsorships, ads, endorsements, featuring, producing, his own music (of course), his restaurants, his own Vodka brand, and a fashion line called ‘Krayzie Bone Seduction’. His net worth is $245 million!  


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