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Kodi Smit McPhee was born in June 1996 is professionally an actor belonging from Adelaide, South Australia of Australia. Kodi is 19 years old in his age and active from the year 2005 till the current time in the field of television industry. He is additionally popular with his performance in The Road with the role of The Boy. Kodi is the son of Sonja who was a banker and Andy McPhee who was professional wrestler during the very time along with being as an actor. His sister is also sincere working as an actress and singer whose name is Sianoa Smit-McPhee.

Kodi started his performance within the very first time from the featured film named Romulus My Father and from the very time he stepped his foot within the entertainment industry. Similarly, he was honored by AFI Award with nomination as Best Actor along with awarded as Best Young Actor during the year 2007. Similarly, during 2009 he also got presented within The Road and that was the landmark achievement he earned that is dictated till the present time and made him to receive the nomination for the Critics’ Choice Award. That was the very start of the journey later he was nominated also in the Matching Jack within the same year across the industry.

Kodi is also dictated with his nick name as Koda Spekz and he is the very good friend of Garrett Backstrom. Kodi mentions his most favorite movie is Reservoir Dog that came in the year 1992. Kodi is also known with his styles of presentation and his bio is stronger within the professional life than in the personal life. Kodi further has stated that he is not comfortable of sharing about his affair and girlfriend among the people and media in sharing. Kodi is no married and he has also no any bad past regarding the issue of divorce among his wife or anything more than that. Kodi loves the person who speaks less. During his college days also he was limited with few people and he always used to ignore the person who wanted to get attached with him unwillingly. Therefore, he had few of girls circle around him. Kodi is also seen with a girl along in many public events and award ceremony but he mentioned that he is alone in his professional career and those girls with whom he is linked is all his good friends.

Kodi’s height is 6 feet 2 inch tall and his weight looks perfect with his height with appropriate body measurement. Kodi‘s salary earning is also a remarkable one making him to stand independent and his net worth is also increasing years by years. By the current time the net worth of Kodi is around 5 million American dollars and his yearly salary is around ?$606,000.

by Bchrome, 30 Jan, 2016

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