Know all about Chef Paul Wahlberg including his restaurant, house, car, and more, here

Paul Wahlberg is an American chef and television personality who is famous for his delicious dishes. He is also famous for his family relationship with his sibling actor/singer Donne and Mark Wahlberg. This chef has been presenting reality television series the Wahlberg's show along with his brothers, since 2014. Let’s know more about his career, net worth, and personal life, here.

Paul Wahlberg’s net worth and earning sources

This chef has spent most of the time in the kitchen and was interested in cooking since a young age. Later, he started to work in a restaurant during his high school days. As a result of this, he has acc u mulated a huge amount of net worth.

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From an authentic source, his estimated net worth is said to be around $1.5 million in 2016. In addition, he earns a good amount from his television show Wahlburgers. Paul also owns two restaurants in Ma s sachusetts and Boston with his brothers and from there; he also receives a hefty amount.

Paul’s relationship status

Paul is unmarried yet and has not involved in any affairs. We did a lot of digging of his profile but we could not find the information on his married life.

However, some sources claim that he used to have a crush on his brother Donnie’s fiance’ Jenny McCarthy, a former player and star. Last year, he revealed to the media that, he was nervous around her at first because of having a crush like every other guy in America.

When she appeared on Wahlberg for the first time, last season, Jenny cooked with mom Alma and got some dirt on her man while joking with the family. Paul has less talked about his personal life to the media and has not revealed about his marriage wife and relationship till now.

The Wahlberg's show

The Wahlberg is an American reality television series that have been broadcasting in A&E network since January 22, 2014. This show is produced and hosted by Wahlberg brothers.

They did show the behind scene of their chair restaurants kitchen. The series has successfully run six seasons till October 2016


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