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Kit Harington birth name is Christoper Catesby “Kit” Harington and was born in 26 December 1986. This 29 years personality is an English Actor who was portrayed with the character of Jon Snow and raised up his fame from Game of Thrones.. Kit has also portrayed himself as lead roles in most of the films mostly those are Pompeii and Spooks: The Greater good listed into the top one. In accordance to this he is also known with his minor roles in Silent Hill: Revelation that is also dictated to be a successful story in his professional time. Kit mother name is Deborah Jane and his father name is David Richard Harington. His was working as a playwright and father a successful businessman. His name was mentioned by his mother as the short name of Christopher Marlowe.

Kit was linked up with Southfield Primary School where he was engaged as a pupil. In accordance to this he was engaged within there from the year 1992 till the year 1998. Kit was later moved to Chantry High School in the year 2003 as soon as his family moved to Worchestershire. From the early stage he was keenly interested in acting and he was just 14 while he was working with Waiting for Godot. Accordingly he also did his major in Drama and theater studies from Worcester Sixth form College and also started his performances from the very stage of time. Later, he also studied in Central School of Speech and Drama which was the story of him in the year 2008 during the time he got graduated.

The name of his girlfriend is Rose Leslie, wit whom he got into affair. They started their dating from the very time they faced each other from Game of Thrones where they were working as a co-actor since, from the very phase they were attracted with each other. But Kit is silent to get married with Rose by now and even there are no any rumors within the couple to get married by now. His bio is not much closed about his affair stories and more concentrated about his career within the current status. Kit is very hard working and gentle man. His looks are mostly attractive for his fans to get attracted towards him. He is much concentrated about it as well. 

Kit height is 5 feet 8 inches and according to his fans his smile is dashing enough to make people attracted and closer. The latest story also elaborates about his net worth and salary upon where the current earning of Kit as a net worth is dictated to be around 4 million American dollars. 

by Bchrome, 25 Mar, 2016

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