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Kira Soltanovich is a comedian, actress and writer of American nationality. She has made her name in the entertainment sector for being the host and the creator of several prank related shows. Her endeavor in Oxygen network’s Girls Behaving Badly is what she has been best known for. She was born on the 15th of September, 1973 and this lady’s birth place is in Lviv, Ukraine and she shifted later to the USA.

Kira Soltanovich was born in Ukraine and shifted later to American to pursue her interests in acting and other areas. She has been known for her work in the prank show of the Oxygen Network, named Girls Behaving Badly. She has also been known for her endeavors in TV Guide Network’s Trapped. Another of her roles in the prank shows and vides include appeared in the Teu TV’s How to be a Grown Up. Her another important endeavors is being the voice behind the talking photo booth in a sketch of The tonight show with Jay Leno as well as The Jay Leno show.

This voice actress has also voiced other characters including the voice of Carla in the series Iggy Cool as well as being the part of the 90 minute, comedy special Hot Tamales Live. She has also guest starred on Prank Stars.

The professional life of this beauty Kira Soltanovich has been getting along pretty well. However, her personal life has managed to become a hidden aspect of her personality. She has never been known to have dated anyone from the entertainment fraternity and seems to be single even now. She has also never revealed information about anyone outside the acting fraternity. This lady has never been known to have had a boyfriend, nor has she been engaged according to public knowledge. She has not been married, has no spouse, and it seems that she is not in a hurry to do so. This lady manages to hide the details of her personal life pretty well to focus more on her growing and expanding professional career. However, her fans sure hope that more details about the personal life details of this personality become available to fans in the upcoming days.

The extremely pretty Kira Soltanovich has a net worth of a whopping 1 million dollars for all the endeavors she has carried out in the acting fraternity. She has also managed to become extremely popular for the perfect body and beautiful face that she possesses. Her salary seems to be increasing with each pa s sing day, causing an increase in her net worth. She has a height of 5 feet and 8 inches and a weight of 66 kilograms which perfectly match her pretty face. She will surely continue her endeavors in the acting fraternity in the years to come.

by ab-utshav, 05 Jun, 2016

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