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Kimberlea Cloughley, also known as Kimberlea Gayley Cloughley is a known photographer who became famous through her marriage, to the renowned American actor and filmmaker Tommy Lee Jones. She holds an American citizenship.

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Cloughly's First Encounter and Marriage, with Jones

As mentioned earlier Cloughley, who worked as a photographer had a connection that brought her into contact with the actor Tommy Lee Jones known for his role in "No Country for Old Men." They first met during the production of the film Back Roads.

Tommy with his former wife Tommy and Cloughley quickly formed a bond.
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Tommy and Cloughley quickly formed a bond. Eventually got married after a year. However, their marriage lasted for fourteen years. Cloughley revealed that Tommy didn't particularly enjoy the Hollywood lifestyle despite having experienced it.

According to an article in Texas Monthly by Mimi Swartz, it was mentioned that during their marriage Tommy Lee Jones tried out the Hollywood lifestyle to some extent. However, he didn't feel comfortable, with it. Realized that it wasn't his thing.

How Was Kimberlea's Early Years?

Cloughley, a photographer, from the United States was born on September 15, 1946. As of 2023, she is 76 years old. Kimberlea's parents are Phil Hardberger and Linda Hardberger. She has a sister named Amy Hardberger.

While there isn't information about Kimberlea's education her graduation indicates her commitment to personal and professional growth. She identifies as White Caucasian. Follows the faith.

Throughout her photography career, Kimberlea has gained recognition for her talent and artistic contributions. Her journey is characterized by a blend of pursuits family connections and a strong dedication, to her craft. These elements come together to shape a narrative that reflects the facets of her life.

Reason Behind The Divorce Of Former Couple

The couple's decision to end their ten-year marriage remains undisclosed as Kimberlea Cloughley and Tommy Lee Jones have chosen to keep it private. Cloughley mentioned that the separation was due, to differences in their personalities. However, the specific details are not enough to determine the cause of their divorce.

Tommy with his former wife Their journey as a couple came to an end on March 23, 1996.
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Their journey as a couple came to an end on March 23 1996 after fourteen years of living in Texas. They got married on May 30 1981 a year, after starting their relationship in 1980.

Children Of Kimberlea And Jones 

Kimberlea Cloughley and Tommy Jones the actor known for his role, in The Fugitive were once married. Have two children together. Their son, Austin Leonard Jones was born on November 9 1982 in Auckland, New Zealand. Following in his father's footsteps Austin is not an actor. Also explores the world of filmmaking as a music composer.

Austin has appeared in TV series like Screen Two. Has worked as a composer for projects such as Metamorphosis; Junior Year, The Homesman, and Frontera according to his IMDb page. Victoria Jones, Cloughley's daughter from her marriage to Tommy Jones was born on September 3 1991 in San Antonio, Texas.

Like her father and brother Austin, she pursued acting as a career path. Even had the opportunity to collaborate with her father in Men in Black II. Some of her works include The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, Sorry Haters, and One Tree Hill.

How Wealthy Is Kimberlea Cloughly?

Kimberlea Cloughley has achieved success in her career as a photographer and based on her status it seems that she has no regrets, about pursuing this profession. Her estimated net worth stands at $2 million, which though not comparable to the fortunes of Hollywood celebrities still affords her a lifestyle.

Tommy with his former wife Kimberlea Cloughley's ex-husband, Tommy Lee Jones's net worth is $100 million.
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When compared to her ex-husband Tommy Lee Jones, whose net worth is $100 million, Cloughley's wealth is noticeably lower. It is reasonable to assume that she received some assets from their divorce settlement; however, the exact amount remains undisclosed, to the public.

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Passion Behind Cloughley's Career

Cloughley's career, in photography was driven by her passion and dedication. Through work, she established herself as a professional in the field. Gained recognition for her distinctive and imaginative photography style. Her talent made her highly sought after in the industry.

Furthermore, Kimberlea maintained her position by contributing to the world of photography. Her involvement in projects led to her photographs being featured in publications earning her praise and multiple awards over the years.

What sets Kimberlea's work apart is her ability to approach photography with intimacy and artistry. Her photographs have a way of capturing emotions and essence solidifying her status as one of today's photographers.

Today Kimberlea Cloughley continues to be a presence, in the field of photography. Her significant contributions have made an impact ensuring that her legacy will inspire aspiring photographers for years to come.

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