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Kevin Skaff is one of the most renowned celebrities in the world of music and entertainment. Kevin Skaff is an American musician/ guitarist who is one of the members of the rock/ punk/ metal band A Day to Remember, formed in 2003.

Early Life and Career

Kevin Skaff was born on the 8th of June, 1985 in Owatonna, Minnesota and not much is known regarding his family or his past life. He started to play guitars and sang songs as a teenager and formed groups with his school friends to perform in the bars. “It was the trend, it was the age of Rock and as far as we knew; being in a rock band was the best you could do” he said in an interview regarding his intentions.

However, he did not have a famous musical career until he joined “A Day to Remember”.  Kevin himself did not join the band thought until 2009 and as though he was waiting for an opportunity, he came in after the band’s original guitarist Tom Denney broke his wrist.  

Since then, he has worked in recording four albums: Homesick (2009), Attack of the Killer B-sides (2010), What Separates Me from you, (2010) and Common Courtesy (2013).

Personal Life and Affair

Kevin Skaff really came to limelight after he was seen with Sarya Jade Bevis, better known as “Paige” from WWE. The two of them started dating around the end of 2014 and were seen in a couple of social events together; including WWE’s Total Divas.

It looked like they were deeply in love, especially after the engagement that took place socially when Kevin put a big diamond ring in Paige’s finger. However, all that starts well doesn’t end well or at least in this case.

It so happened that Paige mentioned that she is not very good in handling serious relationships and started to get out of this one as well. Upon breaking up with Paige, he is not involved in any relationship. He is single now and currently dedicated and devoted towards his career.

Kevin Skaff is one of the most valuable a s sets in the world of music.  It does not seem like he is into social work, as he has not done much charity until now.  He has never been part of any controversy.  He has set an example for upcoming generations and they can walk in his footsteps to get success. He is the perfect example of what a sportsman should be like. 

Net Worth

Kevin Skaff is in the early phase of his career. So, he has not earned considerable net worth yet. He has thousands of admirers who follow on social networking sites. His fans and followers are largely growing on Twitter and Instagram as well.


by Bchrome, 31 May, 2017

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