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Kelsy Ully, the inaugural muse of the illustrious Canadian visionary in contracting and television stardom, Jonathan Scott. A life graced with the enigmatic allure of triumphs, trials, and the ultimate parting of ways from the luminary of HGTV.

Kelsy's ex-husband, Jonathan is renowned for being one half of the dynamic duo on the popular show, Property Brothers, where he and his twin brother, Drew, help families find and transform fixer-upper homes into their dream abodes.

Kelsy Ully Once Exchange Vows With Jonathan Scott

Around 2007, when Jonathan Scott and Kelsy Ully were both in their mid-20s, fate brought them together. She was working as a crew scheduler for a Canadian airline at the time and met a pre-fame Jonathan, who was still learning the ropes of house flipping alongside his brother. The chemistry between them was undeniable, and soon after, the couple decided to tie the knot.

Kelsy Ex Jonathan later revealed the relationship moved at a rapid pace due to Kelsy's strict timetable. She had set her sights on a unique wedding date, 07/07/07, which led to a rather hasty marriage. This rush into matrimony would later have a profound impact on their future together.

The former Canadian couple Kelsy Ully and her ex-husband Jonathan Scott are the Canadian TV Personality.  SOURCE: Pinterest

Just two years after their wedding, they found themselves growing apart. The first signs of trouble arose when Kelsy took a job as a waitress at a Las Vegas pool club, resulting in late-night work shifts that kept her away from home and, consequently, from her husband.

Devastated and hurt, Jonathan initiated divorce proceedings shortly after this heartbreaking incident. He would later confess that this period in his life was exceptionally dark, and the pain had a profound impact on him, shaking him to his core.

The Emotional Break Down OF Kelsy Ully Marriage 

Despite the agony and emotional turmoil, Kelsy's ex-husband Jonathan Scott's tragic divorce taught him invaluable life lessons. The experience allowed him to grow and understand himself better, gaining insights into love, relationships, and personal happiness.

As Jonathan candidly shared, he is an emotional individual who wholeheartedly invests himself in any relationship. However, this very intensity taught him a valuable lesson: even good people may not be right for each other. The divorce helped him discover what he truly desired in a relationship, guiding him towards personal growth and self-awareness.

Kelsy Ully her ex-husband Jonathan Scott the Canadian TV Personality split up with an emotional breakdown.  SOURCE: Pinterest 

Their relationship was a source of newfound happiness, and for a while, it seemed like Jonathan had finally found his soulmate. However, life had more surprises in store for him. Today, the talented TV personality is happily dating actress Zooey Deschanel, and their love story has captured the hearts of many fans. Social media offers a glimpse into their beautiful moments together, and it is evident that their bond is solid and enduring.

Kelsy Ully Ex-Husband Jonathan Scott Is Now IN Love With Zooey Deschanel

In 2019, fate brought Jonathan Scott together with Zooey Deschanel during the filming of a Carpool Karaoke segment, which featured their famous siblings. Their chance encounter led to a unique and lasting connection, and they embarked on a romantic journey that has continued to blossom. 

Over time, their bond deepened, and in 2021, the couple purchased their "forever home," which they lovingly renovated together. Their relationship has been marked by moments of joy and togetherness, as they celebrated their three-year anniversary in Wyoming, surrounded by Zooey's children from a previous marriage.

Kelsy Ully her ex-husband Jonathan Scott the Canadian TV Personality is now married to Zooey Deschanel American actress. SOURCE: Instagram

Jonathan Scott and Zooey Deschanel's love story has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. As a couple, they have created a harmonious home and become an inspiring example of blended families.

Zooey's children, Charlie Wolf and Elsie Otter, have embraced Jonathan as an amazing stepdad. Their journey continues with love, laughter, and shared passions, making them a beacon of hope and happiness for others.

How About The Wealth That Kelsy Ully Has Accumulated? 

Kelsy Ully is estimated to have a net worth of around $700 thousand. She earned her fortune from her work as a WestJet crew scheduler and model/waitress. It's possible that Ully also received a fair amount of money from the divorce settlement with Scott.

Kelsy's ex-husband Scott's net worth is estimated to be around $100 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. He has earned his fortune from his work as a Canadian real estate agent, magician, producer, and reality television star.  He also co-founded and is an executive producer of Scott Brothers Entertainment, which creates TV, film, and digital content for North American and international broadcasters.

The Career Journey OF Kelsy Ully 

Kelsy Ully's educational journey played a significant role in shaping her professional path. She graduated with an honours degree in Business Administration and Management from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, in 2009.

Kelsy commitment to continuous learning led her to pursue studies at Mount Royal University and attain an Applied Project Management Certificate from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.

Following her time as an airline crew scheduler with Canada's WestJet, Kelsy moved to Las Vegas, where she ventured into modelling and worked as a waitress at a day club.

Later, she joined Scott Real Estate as a Project Manager, contributing her skills and expertise for four years. Subsequently, Kelsy held a position at Cascade Process Control for two years before becoming the Director of Business Operations at Impel Systems.

Early Life OF Kelsy Ully 

Kelsy Ully was born in Canada in 1988, but the exact date of her birth remains undisclosed. She grew up in a warm and supportive environment, fostering a determination to succeed in life.

As Kelsy was born in America and has mixed ethnicity. Information about her family is unknown. After graduating from high school, she attended Mount Royal University.  

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