Kelly Ripa opens up on Michael Strahan and says that people should be treated equally

Kelly Ripa, popular with her TV shows, raised a few eyebrows when she didn't appear to work the day after she discovered her Live! Co-host Michael Strahan would leave for Good Morning America. Yet, in another meeting, Ripa says her choice to take the vacation day was misjudged.

"I think what individuals need to comprehend about the whole circumstance is that I didn't simply show up," the producer with a net worth of 100 million dollars told People.

Kelly in Good Morning America star

When she took in the news in a meeting, she says, "I said, in the room, 'I am going to take the vacation day.' I expected to really sit and accumulate data. I expected to ensure I said the suitable things on TV and didn't simply turn out and say whatever."

Michael Strahan will withdraw from Live! With Kelly and Michael after less than four years on Friday and a co-host, Kelly Ripa is "energized" for the forthcoming Good Morning America star – regardless of how the news of Strahan's takeoff played out in the most recent couple of weeks.

Felt "double-crossed thus hurt"

Ripa solely opens up to PEOPLE during the current week's main story regarding why she chose to stand firm for herself in the wake of being caught unaware by the declaration that Strahan was proceeding onward – data she learned at nearly the same time as the media.

A source told PEOPLE in April that Ripa felt "double-crossed thus hurt" by how Strahan's declaration was taken care of, and she later disclosed to the show's group of onlookers that the whole situation highlighted the significance of "correspondence, thought and, above all, appreciation in the working environment."

Ripa's Business

She proceeds with, "I imagine that requires a specific measure of compassion on a level. When you're managing a huge business, it's anything but difficult to overlook that you're managing individuals

and that individuals have emotions. It's anything but difficult to simply take a gander at it like a specialty unit, a unit, a unit."

Just for your kind information, her annual salary is around 20 million.

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