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Keith Buckley is an American musician who was born in November 19, 1979. Now, Keith is 36 years old by his age and he was born in Buffalo, New York. Additionally Keith is also a vocalist as well as lyricist and from the year 1998 till today with the genres heavy metal, southern rock as well and hardcore punk he is active working sincerely upon the industry. Occupationally he is also good in playing piano, guitar as well as keyboard and his labels are Epitaph. Getting a s sociated with Every Time I Die he earned his fame as being as a musician and his belonging as a nationality is American. His father was a corporate person and his mother was working as a nurse by her profession.

Keith during the early phase of his life joined Virginia Tech for his education. After there later on he also moved towards University at Buffalo for his career joining and getting closer towards the music for most of his time. Additionally, he was also an English Teacher previously from the very early time. Additionally after his involvement within Every Time I Die within the year 1998 he was good going and earning his fame along with his brother named Jordan Buckley.

Keith is very loyal towards his family and his family got highly influenced with his brother from being a musician. His brother name is Jordan Buckley. His brother is also the guitarist upon the same band. Along with the same time his sister name is Jaclyn who is younger in his age. His favorite food is Hot Dog and after the longtime of going with his healthy he got married. Later on, he with his high school love got married and get engaged into the married life whose name is Lindsay. Keith got married with Lindsay in the year 2009 in the day that was a Halloween. Keith is the father of his children. His child was born in December of 2015. There is the healthy ongoing married life among the couple and there is no any dictation of divorce among them. Keith is also straight in his sexuality and he is not a gay at all. Keith also dictated that he never had been to any other affair except his spouse and he is very lucky to have her in his life. Keith loves going out for shopping with his family during his vacation days.

Keith is with his height 5 feet 11 inches in tall. Keith is so conscious with his body and measurement so for which he also moves out for fitness center for its proper measurement. Keith bio of salary also is handsome like his presence and his looks that made him to earn approximately the net worth of amount 4 million American dollars within the present time in the year 2015.

by Bchrome, 03 Feb, 2016

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