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Young and talented Kasha Kropinski is a South African-born television and film actress. Besides, she is also a voice-over artist and a cla s sical ballerina. Kasha Kropinski was born on August 27, 1991, as Katarzyna Kropinski in South Africa. She has been active in acting since she was six years old.

Family Life

Twenty-Five years old Kasha Kropinski is the daughter of Jacek Kropinski and Debbie Cochrane. Her father Jacek is a Polish photographer and filmmaker while her mother is a South African professional make-up artist. Her parents are the considered as the reason of her entry in the acting in such a kinder age and have been supporting their daughter in her every step of life.

Career and Path

Kasha Kropinski made her debut in acting at the age of six with the lead role on stage with Cape Town theater troupe. Then she starred as Christopher Robin, Peter Rabbit, Noddy, Mowgli and Frankie Fox on the stage drama. She gained high reputation and praises for her performance in these characters opening her way to big breaks in future.

In between this time, Kasha Kropinski attended Trinity College London majoring in a drama where she earned a distinction. She also used to perform Ballet in Ballet Eisteddfods. She attended Royal Ballet summer school in England. Her ballet talent earned her 5 gold medals. Kasha also landed in a role of Ballerina in the 2009 movie Fame. She also danced in two roles in the ballet Cinderella after returning to LA from LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) in 2009.

Kasha already started to get guest roles in a number of television programs including Angel, Without a Trace, the State of Grace and many others at the age of nine after moving to LA. She also gave her voice to Disney’s animated productions. Kasha has shown her talent since her early age. Upon graduating from Carpenter Avenue Elementary School in Studio City, Kasha Kropinski received the President’s Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence.

Personal Life

Kasha Kropinski has not disclosed any information regarding her personal life. There is no rumor or news regarding Kasha having an affair or being spotted with any man which is alleged to be her boyfriend. She is no married till date. Her sexuality is on the question because of this.

Nevertheless, Kasha chose to be discreet regarding her personal life and therefore, her personal life is complete shade.

Net Worth and Online Involvement

Kasha Kropinski is a rising star in the drama and ballet arena. She has already made her distinct remarks and is still giving her best. Kasha is a s sumed to earn a lucrative amount of salary. Her net worth is under review but is supposedly very high looking at her demand in the profession.

Kasha is reluctant in giving out her personal information but is active in the social sites Twitter and Facebook from which her recent updates and activities can be known. Besides, there are a number of videos of her interviews available on the internet that is also helpful to know on her.

by Bchrome, 01 Mar, 2017

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