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Julie Rose Clapton rose to fame as the daughter of the singer and guitarist Eric Clapton who is known for his chart-topping hits, like "Wonderful Tonight " "Tears In Heaven " "Layla," "I Shot The Sheriff " "Cocaine," and "Change The World."

Eric Clapton is ranked 67th on Rolling Stones's 100 Greatest Artists" list. Has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame three times. As a solo artist with the Yardbirds and with Cream. If you're interested, in learning more about Julie's life, relationship status, career, net worth, and more please continue reading this article.

Early Years

In the years of her life, Julie Clapton was born on June 13 2001 in Columbus, Ohio. She is the daughter of the musician Eric Clapton and Melia McEnery who comes from Columbus. While Julie's father has roots, in Ripley, Surrey her grandfather Fryer was a soldier from Montreal, Quebec.

Julie Clapton with her sister. Julie Clapton was born on June 13 2001 in Columbus, Ohio.
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Julie's background is a mix of heritage from her mother's side, including Scottish-English and Korean-Irish ancestry. It is worth mentioning that her maternal grandfather had a career in construction. On her mother's side, her great-grandfather Walter McEnery hailed from Bonita Springs, Fla.

Before being in a relationship with the accomplished 18-time Grammy winner Eric Clapton Melia worked as a designer. Julie is one of three daughters born to Eric and Melia before their marriage. According to some relatives of Eric Clapton Julie's birth brought solace to the singer after the loss of his son Conor, in 1991.

Relationship Status

Julie is said to be, in a relationship with a woman named Chloe Gardner. In January 2021 Clapton gave a hint about the seriousness of their connection by sharing a photo on Instagram showing them sharing a kiss.

Although Julie didn't provide information about the picture it was quite evident from their chemistry that they were involved romantically. It's interesting to note that Clapton hasn't posted any pictures of her rumored girlfriend after that one.

Furthermore, there isn't information regarding any possible breakup or other updates, in their relationship.

Parent's Married Life

In 1999 Julie's father, Eric Clapton, and her mother Ms. McEnery, an artist met in Los Angeles while collaborating on an album, with BB King. They decided to get married in a ceremony at St Mary Magdalen Church in Ripley Surrey on New Year's Day surrounded by their family and friends.

Julie's parents; Eric Clapton, and Ms. McEnery, Julie's parents; Eric Clapton, and Ms. McEnery, first met in Los Angeles.
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Julie was six months old when she attended the wedding. It's worth noting that Eric and Melia had an age difference at the time of their marriage. He was 56. She was 25. Enough they initially guests to what they presented as Julie's christening.

During the ceremony, Julie's older half-sister Ruth (16 years old at the time) also participated in the baptism. Ruth is Clapton's child from his relationship, with Yvonne Kelly. After the baptism took place Melia and Clapton surprised everyone by revealing that it was their wedding ceremony.

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It's still uncertain whether Julie Rose Clapton has any dreams of pursuing a career, like her father. She made a significant contribution to one of his albums called "Old Sock " creating a beautiful family collaboration.

Julie Clapton with her siblings and friends. Julie made a significant contribution to Father's album called Old Sock.
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The song "Every Thing," which was one of the compositions on the album marked the first time 11-year-old Julie Rose along with her sisters Ella May and Sophie Belle, performed on record. Eric Clapton released this album in March 2013 after it was introduced on The Wall Street Journals Speakeasy blog.

This isn't the time Clapton has included his children in his projects. His oldest daughter and Julie's half-sister, Ruth had a spoken word part on "Inside of Me " a track, from Eric's 1998 album "Pilgrim," when Ruth was 12 years old.

Net Worth

Julie's net worth is not as well documented as her father Eric Clapton. He has a fortune exceeding $450 million. Clapton, a figure since the '60s and known for his song "Tears In Heaven " has sold, over 130 million records and is widely recognized as one of the most influential guitarists in history.

His wealth stems not from his music career but from an impressive collection of cars potentially valued between $50-100 million and successful art sales. Additionally, he owns properties, in England, France, Ohio, and Antigua solidifying his status. Julie and her sisters are poised to inherit a portion of their father's success.

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