Julia Stegner

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Julia Stegner was born in Munich West Germany and her birth date is 2 November 1984 who is running 31 years old by her age. Julia is a German model belonging from Germany nationality. Julia is the daughter of a director named Gunter Stegner who was working in Eastern Europe within LSI Corporation. Similarly her mother was working as an accountant within one of the company whose name is Erika Stegner. Her mother was also an animal lover who was loves making herself busy upon the household activities across. Julia also have one elder sister whom she spent most of her childhood under her supervision since, her parents were busy with their workings.

Since, Julia’s sister was working in the film production therefore she was highly inspired with the workings of her sister. Her pa s sion during the high school time was within basketball but she changed her mind and moved across the modeling industry for her further progress of the career. Julia during her high school times also joined towards the team within Munich. Her sports pa s sion did not lasted for a long time and she got offered into the modeling field that changed her mind. Apparently she also worked for Louisa Models and got a s sociated with now. Currently, she is the model of Traffic model and going progressively within it.

Julia has not dictated any clear information about her personal life. She has not mentioned any clear dictation has also a s sumed of not being married and she has no spouse yet. Looking up to her bio much of the information of her are related with her career and less of them are hidden within her personal life. Julia has dictated with her friends that she looks too early and young to get married therefore she needs some more time to think about it. She is also a s sumed of having an affair in her life because she has been spotted within the public space time and again with a guy. But according to her they are just the good friends but the media is not accepting this information. Julia is also very future oriented lady and she is very progressive in her nature. Her quick and sharp mind thinks of very unique things that are unimaginable. Additionally, Julia hobbies is travelling and playing snooker in her free time. She has also pa s sion in driving and her interest seems that she can return back to sports very soon.

Julia is with her height 6 feet in tall and her sexy figure and well managed curves makes her look dashing and amazing with her appearances. This also gathers her bio of salary with achievable amount of net worth in the current years. Julia is earning with her net worth of amount 5 million American dollars in current context with her successful career. 

by Bchrome, 16 Feb, 2016

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