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Julia Jones was born on January 23, 1981, who is working as an actress from the year 2003. Julia is 35 in her age and her birthplace is located in Boston, Ma s sachusetts. Mostly people recognized her because of her work in The Twilight Saga where she was imaged with the role of Leah Clearwater and from there more of her work offers was made for her. She holds mixed descent of Choctaw-Chickasaw as well as mixed of African-American. Her father was working in a college as a dean while his mother was working in a secondary school. Julia was brought up by her paternal sister since her parents were busy in their professional work.

During the early age of she studied in The Boston Ballet for her primary study while she was only 4 in her age. Later on, she also studied at Boston Latin School where she completed her graduation even started working in theater and commercial during the very time. To obtain her degree within the major subject of English she studied at Columbia University. While she was studying there she was featured as a model in many catalog and new paper during the early time for her professional beginning of work. Later on, she was offered for play in Hell Ride within Quentin Tarantino but before then that she also worked in The Look and Black Cloud during the year 2003 and 2004 with the role of Gigi and Sammi respectively.

Julia had been in the affair for 2 times in her life but she has not married having any husband. In the early time, her affair was with Paul Johansson whom she was supposed to get married but later on they had a terrible fight and got a divorce. Similar to this for the second time she also feels in love with Josh Radnor and started their dating during the year 2012 and within today their healthy affair as girlfriend and boyfriend. Julia is excited to convert her love life into married life.

She has an excellent figure with perfect measurement and she thinks she is in age to get married. Julia affair with Josh is taking good feedback from her fans and even once she was rumored of expecting a child from her love. But that it was just rumored which did not turn into any reality. Julia loves traveling and she is good in her voice for singing but she did not deliver any professional identity into it.

Julia height is 5 feet 8 inches and her well-toned weight with perfect measurements bikini looks make her stunning. Within the current stage of time, she is earning around 1 million American dollars as her net worth as she is earning her salary in high rank hoping to her increase her net worth at the end of this year. 

by Bchrome, 21 Apr, 2016

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