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Judith Mary Lucy is an actor, comedian, widely known for her stand-up comedy. She has appeared in various TV shows and movies in her career. She is one of the most popular comedians in Australia.

She debuted her career as a stand-up comedian, leading to a series of highly successful one-woman shows, including No Waiter I Ordered the Avocado (1991), King Of The Road (1995), An Impossible Dream (1996), The Show (1998), The Show 2 (1999), Colour Me Judith (2000), I'm Going to Learn How to Fly (2001), I Failed! (2006)

Early Life And Education Of Judith Lucy

Lucy was born on March 25, 1968, in Perth, Australia. She is an Australian by nationality and belongs to the white ethnic background.

Lucy was adopted by a couple in the early 1950s. Her adoptive parents emigrated from Ireland to Perth. She still has a good relationship with her biological mother Jan.

Lucy had a brother named Niall Lucy who was an Australian writer and scholar. Niall Lucy, born on 11 November 1965, is better known for his work in deconstruction.

Born and grew up in Perth, Lucy attended Curtin University, where she studied theater. She moved to Melbourne at the age of 20 and started her career as a stand-up comedian.

Judith Lucy's Career

As a stand-up comedian, she has shown her remarkable performances in various stage shows including No Waiter I Ordered the Avocado, King of the Road, Impossible Dream, Colour Me Judith and I'm Going to Learn How to Fly. Her comedy album, King of the Road was nominated for an ARIA Award.

Lucy has also co-starred in the award-winning stage spectaculars, Comedy Is Not Pretty (1999) and Comedy Is Still Not Pretty (2003) with Denise Scott and Lynda Gibson.

Lucy launched a new show named Nothing Fancy in 2012 and took her new show to various places including Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and regional NSW. Lucy made a debut for a new live show, The Spiral teaming up with Denise Scott at the Melbourne Comedy Festival in 2013.

Lucy has also made her appearances in several TV shows and movies. She was also the cast member of The Late Show along with Mick Molloy. She previously co-starred in two movies Crackerjack and Bad eggs with Mick.

Judith Lucy's Net Worth And Salary

Judith Lucy's net worth is around $2 million at present. She has earned a decent amount of money from her acting career.

Judith Lucy's Personal Life And Affairs

Lucy, age 48, is a very beautiful and talented person. She made many people die of laughter through her comedy performances. Lucy is single at current and has not married yet.

Most of the people believe that Lucy is a gay. However, she unveiled that she is not a gay and is happily single. She further told that she never wanted children.

Lucy's brother, Niall died at his home in Fremantle on 5 June 2015. He died 11 months after being diagnosed with cancer.

Lucy was raised Catholic and as a student, she once dreamt of being a nun. She cites writing as one of her hobbies. She is writing a book describing her spiritual journey.

Her spiritual journey aired on 20 Jan 2016 on ABC channel. Pam Brown visited the set of her journey as a guest of the ABC. She expressed India as one of the most spiritual places on Earth, coming to the end of her spiritual journey.

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