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Inside Biography

Judd Nelson is an American actor who is famous for his roles as John Bender in The Breakfast Club and also as Alec Newbery in St. Elmo’s Fire. 

Early Life, Bio, and Education Of Judd Nelson

Judd Nelson was born with his birth name as Judd Asher Nelson who was born on November 28, 1959. Judd is running 56 years old and his birthplace is located in Portland, Maine of USA.

Judd mother name is Merle and his father was a corporate lawyer whose name is Leonard Nelson. Judd mother was working in Maine State Legislature in the very early time and also a mediator in the court. Judd family background is belonging from a Jewish background and his father can also be introduced as very first president within Portland Symphony Orchestra during the very time.

Judd joined St. Paul School for the very time to complete his higher schooling and later also became part of New Hampshire. Along with this he also studied in Waynflete School which was located in Portland, Maine. Judd also studied for his college level of study within Haverford College and he was a very good student in his education were during the very time he met with an actress Stella Aler while studying acting and they became good friends from the very time.

Judd Nelson's Career

Recognizing from his professional work he is working in Hollywood being as an actor, screenwriter as well as he is also a successful producer from 1983. Mostly, Judd recognition can be collected from his working, The Breakfast Club. Judd has also been an exclusive part of The Transformer: The Movie. Judd is also remembered from Empire and he has a higher range of his fans from there. 

His very first work was within making the Grade that came in the year 1984 as success step in his career.

Judd Nelson's Net Worth

Judd salary and net worth are also amazing in need wherein the year 2016 during the very beginning he has been able to grab 8 million American dollars and hoping few more in its end.

Judd Nelson's Personal Life

Judd in the very early time was in an affair with Shannen Doherty and even their dating made them get engaged but due to Shannen conflicts with Judd two sisters, Eve and Julie made them end their relationship as Boyfriend and Girlfriend before getting married. In his young age, he was also once proposed by a girl in his school time but he totally ignored the lady and her proposal.

By now, Judd has not indicated any girl as his affair and the fact within it unknown. Judd was pronounced as a Clever Man by his friend's circle and the reason behind his cleverness is seen with his net worth that he has collected more in short duration of time. Judd is a social man, therefore, he is a good use of social networking sites in his free time.

Age, Body Measurements and Other Facts

  • Age: Judd Nelson is 59 years as of 2019.
  • Birth Sign: Sagittarius
  • Height: Judd height is 5 feet 10 inches in tall 
  • Weight: His weight has been proper along with his height due to his regular visit to the fitness center and regular status of exercise. 

by Bchrome, 01 Apr, 2016

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