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Joshua Kushner was born in his birth place Livingston, New Jersey and his birth date is June 12, 1985. Currently this 30 years old man is belonging from the American nationality as his background and occupationally he is an investor as well as businessman. Currently he is engaged with his personal investment firm and actively working there across and its name is Thrive Capital. Within there he is a founder as well as managing partner working across. His father name is Charles Kushner and his mother name is Seryl (Stadtmauer) Kushner. His father during the very time was working as a real estate developer. He was prominently active working there and he was successful with earning his net worth of amount that is a s sumed to be around 500 million dollars during the very time. He also got inspired with his brother named Jared Kushner and he was sincere upon the step shown by his father.

Joshua started his graduation level of education in the year 2003 and during the very time he studied within Harvard University for his education. During the very time he completed his graduation degree in the year 2008 from the same university and later in the year 2011 he joined to Harvard Business School for the further study. He studied full of the time within Harvard because his father made a donation of net worth around 2.5 million American dollars within the university in the very time. With after his completion of education he started his career focusing upon the business showed with the landmark step of his father.

Joshua is not very open person with his nature. He is very sincere and stable kind of person who is limited only with the small number of the people. This reason is also the reason why his personal life besides his bio of his progressive life has not been dictated among the media. Additionally, he has also not stated clearly about his girlfriend and the person whom he got married with. Only the information available in the media is that Joshua is a married man who got married with his affair whom he now dictates as his spouse but has denied mentioning about her name. Joshua has often seen in public with his spouse and there is never any definition he mentioned about the divorce among the couple. The number of the children of Joshua is also not available and his visibility seems less within the popular media sites like Wikipedia and IMDb.

Viewing the bio of Joshua it has been found that he is 6 feet 1 inch tall in his height and as because he is very successful businessman by his career he has mentioned his salary and net worth in the year 2015 is declared around 200 million American dollars which will be pulled into 400 million dollars soon. 

by Bchrome, 11 Feb, 2016

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