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Josh Helman, an Australian television and film actor, is best known for his work in the movies X-Men: Days of Future Past and its sequel X-Men: Apocalypse as William Stryker. He is also recognized for his work on the Mad Max franchise in Mad Max: Fury Road as Slit.

Halman appeared in a British sports drama film My Name is Lenny in 2017. He currently filming thriller movie Undertow alongside Olivia DeJonge, Laura Gordan, Rob Collins, Josh Hayes and other stars. 

Early Life and Career

John Halman was born on 22 February 1986, in  Adelaide, South Australia. Born to Australian parents, he belongs to Australian Nationality and Caucasian ethnicity. He is 31-year-old now and moving forward in his career with much pa s sion and dedication to achieve the huge success in his future.

He started acting after getting a recurring role in the Australian television show Home and Away in 2007 as Denni Maitland. He has been in the films and TV shows since 2007.

He, then also got a small role in a short film called Aidan’s View where he played the role of an intruder who was trying to break into the house of the protagonist. Later few years after, he was cast in American television show The Pacific as Cpl Lew “Chucker” Juergens.

He appeared in the six episodes of that show. Later on, he was signed by the Gersh Agency, which is an American Agency. He made his major studio motion picture debut in 2012 in the movie Jack Reacher starring Tom Cruise

Then he returned to Australia and got the cast in a film based on Australian rules and football drama. Afterwards, his Hollywood movie appearances in X-Men and Mad Max made him more popular. 

In 2014, he portrayed the supervillain William Stryker in the Marvel’s superhero film X-Men: Days of Future Past. He portrayed the younger version of Stryker and its previous version was portrayed by Brian Cox in X-Men II in 2002.

In 2015, he portrayed the role of Slit in the superhero film Mad Max: Fury Road. In 2016, he reprised his role of William Stryker in the X-Men Apocalypse, the sequel of X-Men Apocalypse (2014).

In 2017, he appeared in the British film My Name is Lenny. Halman has also appeared in the season two of TV series Wayward Pines in 2016. 

Personal Life

Josh Helman is an unmarried man. He does not comment over his personal stuff in the interviews as well so there is not even a mere chance to dig on them There is no evidence if he has a girlfriend as he has not made it public.

But the a s sumption is high that he has a girlfriend seeing his name and fame. However, he has no wife as there is no sighting of the marital ring in his ring finger. He has not been a biological father so far. Therefore, he has no any child.

As seems, he is more into his career and looking forward to the good chances to achieve the glory of success. His works are much appraised and he is working on his acting skills to make it better as well. 

Net Worth and Body Measurement

Josh Halman's current net worth is $4 million. He has garnered a huge amount of money from his various hit films and TV series.

In 2012, he featured in the Jack Reacher which grossed $218.3 million worldwide. In 2014, his Marvel’s superhero film X-Men: Days of Future Past collected $747.9 million worldwide.

Following year, his film Mad Max: Fury Road grossed $378.9 million worldwide. In 2016, his starring film X-Men: Apocalypse, earned $543.9 million at the Box Office. 

Josh is an emerging successful actor which is proved by his high net worth. He is a very dashing actor with the height of 6 feet and 2 inches and has the accompanying body weight. 

As he was born and raised in Adelaide, Australia, he must have completed his education therein. There is no mention of what he studied but it can be a s sumed that he was pa s sionate in acting and must have taken some acting courses thereby.

by Bchrome, 24 Jun, 2016

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