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Argentine journalist Jorge Lanata is known best as the co-founder of the Argentine newspaper Pagina 12 as well as the daily newspaper Critica de la Argentina. He was born on Mar del Plata on 1960 and has founded many publications and written several books which make him popular amongst the Argentine people and also around the world. His bio is searched by his fans around the world.

Lanata was born on Mar del Plata and it is known that he started his career at the age of 14. He started writing short news for the Radio Nacional and then started working as a collaborator for several written media like the Siete Dias as well as Clarin Revista. He also made investigation reports for Anestesia show and also collaborated with several other magazines.

Lanata cofounded the Cooperativa de Periodistas and his major job has been founding the Pagina 12 newspaper. He was the director of the newspaper up until 1994 after which he regularly published media abroad. His other endeavors include directing the Veintitres magazine, hosting the Dia D, a TV show as well as Clarin. His shows have won several awards and he himself won the Marin Fierro award for being the Best Journalistic TV Host thrice. The doc u mentary series BRIC: The New World was produced by him on 2010 and he also appeared in the TV show Periodismo para todos. His books include El Nuevo periodismo, La Guerra de las piedras, Polaroids, Cortinas de Humo and many more. Not only a TV journalist as well as an accomplished host, Lanat has also made films. His film Deuda premiered on October 2004. The doc u mentary which deals with foreign debt as well as bureaucratic corruption and ignorance, was incredibly successful in the entertainment arena. 

As far as his personal life is concerned, Lanata seems to be pretty much secretive about it. His career is more prominent and more known about than his personal life. It is not known who his parents are and what his childhood was like. His pat dating history is a mystery to all of those concerned. He has never been a s sumed to be a gay or a bi-sexual. It is not known if he has been in an affair nor has a girlfriend right now. As far as the news of the tabloids is concerned, it seems that he has not been married and does not have a spouse. Even according to the bio on the wiki site, his personal history is unavailable. People and his fans sure hope that information about him becomes more available to the general public real soon.

Lanata must surely have a huge net worth and salary owing to his endeavors as a journalist, a producer, director and an author. But the exact amount is not known. He has a height of 5 feet and 11 inches.

by Bchrome, 05 Feb, 2016

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