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Johnny Lozada Correa was born on December 21, 1967, who is a Puerto Rican singer, performing artist, presenter, and TV character. Lozada was an individual from Puerto Ricanboy band Menudo amid its brilliant years, joining the gathering in 1980 until mid-1984. In the wake of leaving Menudo, he framed Proyecto M with Rene Farrait and Xavier Serbiá, who were Menudo graduated cla s s too.

After the dissolving of Proyecto M, Lozada tackled acting taking an interest in a few Latin telenovelas. In 1998, Lozada and other previous individuals from Menudo got a welcome from Ray Reyes and framed El Reencuentro, to think back the years they had gone through with Menudo. The shows turned out to be a win, and the visits stretched out for quite a long while. Johnny Lozada Correa was born in Caguas, Puerto Rico at the San Rafael Clinic. He is the lovely child of Ramón Lozada and Aracelis "Celita" Correa.

Amid the early time, he joined and delighted in achievement in all of the America from Menudo. As indicated by the maker, Edgardo Díaz, this portion of the gathering "opened a considerable measure of entryways in Latin America, and was exceptionally solid".

Among their accomplishments are four sold-out shows at the Madison Square Garden in 1983, and record-softening shows up Brazil with a crowd of people of 200,000 in Sao Paulo and 100,000 in Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte. Lozada was marked by RCA and recorded two solo collections: Johnny and Invítame. This last collection was designated for Best Latin Pop Album at the 27th Grammy Awards, nearby José Feliciano, Plácido Domingo, José, María Conchita Alonso, and Menudo themselves. 

Lozada is married to Sandy Meléndez. They have three kids together: Natalia, Thalía, and Jahn Gabriel. Lozada additionally has a received child, Felipe. He looks very happy with married life and its success. This might also be the fact why he has not been into any portion of rumor and controversy till the date to divorce his wife whom he accepted after the affair. Also being the responsible father of the children he is undertaking all the responsibility to make his children be mentally and physically strong.

He is also making them join music and dance cla s ses for their further development. He can be seen public restaurants and places time and again with children enjoying spontaneous time together. He is also a full prepared for the new vacation trip with family to Switzerland.

The physical appearance of this celebrity is very attractive and dashing in looks. His height is measured to be 5 feet 10 inches with the weight of 148 Ibs. Earning net worth around 2 million American dollars with the appropriate weight he looks smart enough in collection stable financial status in the professional field. Within present time, he is ongoing with his new project and for this, he is serious in working for a salary.

by Pradeep, 12 Jun, 2016

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