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Talented actor John Michael Higgins was born on February 12, 1963, who is 53 in his age. Belonging to his birthplace he is originally from Boston, Ma s sachusetts of the USA who is active in Hollywood movies from back 1985. Mostly Mockumentaries which is the film made by Christopher Guest is the one from where he got recognition from his fans. Later on, The Late Shift is also HBO film where he got mentioned with the character as David letterman. Further to this within Kath and Kim in its original version he played with an amazing role during the very time.

During the current context, he is seen across Happily Divorced within TV Land program. Further than this, he has also delivered his excellent voice within The Legend of Korra where he got good feedback from his people. John father was also an artist and mother were working in a theatre company. He was brought up by his relative aunt because his parents were busy in their professional time.

In the year 1991, he got preliminarily featured within La Bete and later in 2000 he was again seen within Tiny Alice getting good responses from the directors. He used to play with minor roles in early time as because she was also continuing her study at the same time. Later on her got major play within Jeffery during the year 1994 was the key of her better success in the very time. He also got featured in many of the television roles like Ally McBeal and I Shrunk the Kids is also the one where she earned his fame in exclusive way. 

This popular American a actor is married with Margaret Welsh and this couple got happily married during the year 2003. Currently they are enjoying their amazing time along with their children. John explained in an interview that Margaret is more romantic being as a wife than she was previously his girlfriend. With no explanation of divorce within current time as well as he does not have any bad past story with sad ending of his affair. He seems committed and family oriented man who believes in hard work and sincerity. He loves fishing in free time who had owned his personal aquarium in his home. There is no any story for him to doubt in, his sexuality and he is straight in it. He loves Pizza as his favorite food.

John is 5 feet 11 inches tall with excellent body structure. Within the current context, he is planning to turn as pure vegetarian also quit drinking and smoking. John salary mentioned in his bio seems healthy sum of money. His popularity has reached its position within tumblr as well. Along with this his net worth is estimated to be 145 million dollars in current time. 

by Bchrome, 26 Apr, 2016

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