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John Malkovich was born as John Gavin Malkovich on December 9, 1953. He is working as actor and director within film industry and has become a part of more than 70 motion pictures. Her work in Places in the heart has taken proper responses from his fans and additionally In the Line of Fire is also counted to be the successful one. He is 62 years old who originally belongs from Christopher, Illinois. Eve has been nominated in Academy Awards because of his amazing works and has also been a part of some remarkable movies like Ghost World, The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Juno. The active year of this celebrity started from 1976 and till present context progressively achieving his work. His grandparents were belonging from Croatian natives and his mother’s ancestry is English, Scottish, French and German.

For the junior school of John he was admitted to Logan Grade School followed by Webster Junior High School on later time. He moved to Eastern Illinois University for graduation completion but due to his unmanaged study he transferred his education to Illinois State University taking Theater as major subject. He became active member of Steppenwolf Theater Company located in Chicago along with his mates John Allen and Glenne Headly in 1976. He later moved to New York City to pursue his career in later time. His official debut came across from death of a Salesman where he was screened along with Dustin Hoffman as Willy that also made to win Emmy Award later on.

Becoming the father of 2 children John later gives more priority to the family. His spouse Glenne Headly was his longtime girlfriend and they married in1982. By serious conflicts raised among the couple regarding extra marital affair of Glenne made this couple to divorce in 1988. Similarly, he also enjoyed company as an affair with Nicoletta Peyran in 1989 and it seems they are still together. He also lost millions of the amount after Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme got collapsed during the year 2008 as mentioned in his biography. He was independent person from young age however; he did not have healthy relation with his wife. With the hope to maintain their relationship after 1st child they also made short trip to Sydney but their relationship did not worked out and John started focusing on career much. Wiki has derived further information about John.

Malkovich height is 6 feet along with weight 80 Kg. His salary and net worth is counted around 65 million dollars which is also noted as jaw dropping amount listing him in the ratio of richest celebrity across. John is easily accessed in social networking sites as he is visible in twitter with interesting posts. His pictures and further information can also be searched in social sites for review.

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