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John Hughes was born with his birth name as John Wilden Hughes, Jr. who was born in February 18, 1950 in Lansing, Michigan of USA. John died in the age of 59 and he died in August 6, 2009. John birth place is located in New York City and the reason behind his death is because of Heart Attract. This American personality belonging to his profession is a director, screenwriter as well as producer by his profession and he has been a part of some of the most successful comedy during his life among which Sixteen Candles of the year 1984 can also be counted as most appreciated one. John has been a part of many teen movies and he has also been a source for many of the inspirational actors like Molly Ringwald and Brat pack group whose active years started from 1970 and sadly ended in the year 2009. John mother was linked up with one of the voluntary charity work and his father was a sales person whose name is John Hughes.

John early life was spent within Northbrook, Illinois and from the very place he completed his education. In the early time he became a part of Glenbrook North High School and from the very place he had his graduation completed. In addition to this after dropping from university of Arizona he started his professional career in a very serious way within the time he started also working in Virginia Slims and also became a part of National Lampoon Magazine. 

John was a married man and he was very committed to his spouse. He never fell into any controversy related with his extra affair and dating stories with other celebrities from where it can be said that he was very dedicated with his love life. John wife name is Nancy Ludwig whom he fell in love in 1970 and after some portion of years he got married in the same year. His children names are John III and James who are also stepping their career on looking to bio. John behind the death was having a heart attack in the early morning while he was walking in West 55th Street located in Manhattan and this took place in August 6, 2009. Right after the incident he was in rush moved towards Roosevelt Hospital but he was already death who was buried later in Lake Forest Cemetery. He is also grandfather of 4 grandchildren. He was very committed with his wife and responsible towards his child being a family man.

John height, weight and body measurement is not properly available yet his salary was amazing in money. His salary made him to collect with net worth of amount around 150 million American dollars and he was also a s sociated with many of the social works and charity.

by Bchrome, 01 Apr, 2016

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